Headlights: Part One

This happened to me one night after driving to her place from a Mexican restaurant with my girlfriend. It was about 10.30 or 11pm at night and we weren’t too far from her place. It was a rainy and foggy night, and there were very few, if any cars, on the road. About 10 minutes […]

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The Homeless Woman

A woman knocked on my mother’s door, asking if she could cook her pasta on her stove, as she was homeless. She was dirty, with decayed teeth, jaundice eyes and smelt of everything awful you could imagine at the same time. She carried a beige bag on wheels. My mother is in her 90s and […]

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Caught in the Act

I was running with my dog through a nature reserve on a footpath as I normally did every day. I normally have my earphones in and listen to Rammstein very loudly. I turned a corner behind some trees and my dog suddenly pulled me in another direction, knocking me to the ground. It happened so […]

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Be careful what you wish for

This happened to my mother when she was in her teens. Growing up in Australia in the 70s, she, and a few of her friends/classmates were walking to school one morning on a Monday. Australia is a large country and in the 1970s, was only home to about 10 million people, and being on the […]

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The Haunted House

When I was younger, I lived in a house that we inherited from my step-dad’s mother after she passed. It wasn’t a very big house, but it always felt I was being followed or watched when walking in the hallway, especially in the dark. I was exposed to reality shows similar to Ghost Hunters, etc […]

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6 Scary Places You Need To Know

Waverly Hills Sanitorium Jefferson Country, Kentucky, was severely struck with an outbreak of tuberculosis in the early 1900s, so two wooden open air pavilions were built, each housing 20 patients . This became known as the Waverly Hills Sanitorium. Some 10 years later, due to the growing outbreak, the hospital sanitorium built a larger hospital […]

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Don’t stay out late

I have a really creepy story to share. It might not be as creepy as some of the other stories here, but it still sends chills down my spine when I think about it. My boyfriend at the time and I had just come back from clubbing and we were sitting in his car parked […]

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New YouTube video out now!

To all my little creatures, I have just uploaded some short stories from you exclusive only to YouTube. You won’t find these stories on the Mr. Reality website, so head over to the YouTube channel by clicking here or watching the video below! Stay safe, because you never know who’s watching! Mr Reality

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I am a 29-year-old single mother of two young children under the age 8. I am not wealthy, and work part-time. My ex-partner, and father to both children doesn’t pay child support and we live week to week. When a bill comes in, I have to make sacrifices in order to pay for them, even […]

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The Storm Drain

When I was about 8 or 9, a few friends and I would frequently play in the park behind our houses. The only way to the park was at the street around the corner. There was an open storm drain which lead to a large, underground drain between the back of our yards and the […]

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Man in parking lot

Not buy and sell (Facebook), but just a warning for others. I was at at the shops today and came out from entry 3 to put some stuff in my car before I went back into Coles. There was a man at my car, leaning on the car next to me and he was trying […]

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Why I keep dogs

I’ll explain what my house is like to better paint a picture for my story. I have a detached, single story house with front yard and back yard. All properties are the same in the street and my neighbour parks his ute across his front lawn, close to the street. It’s a quiet street with […]

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Uninvited guest

This happened to a friend, of a friend of mine only recently. I’ll call her Jane for the purpose of this story. Jane is in her 30s and lives with her husband and young children. She doesn’t live that far from my house. One afternoon, Jane had returned home from getting groceries and entertained her […]

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Alone in the Gym

I am a small 19 year old girl, about 5 feet tall. I frequently work out at a 24/7 gym and make sure I go every second day, no matter the time of day or night. Each gym is well lit, has CCTV inside and out, the parking lots are usually well lit and there’s […]

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Never go out alone at night

I was driving back from a friend’s house one night. It was about 12.30am, but where I live in Australia, that’s like super late and very few places are open. They kind of go into this “night-defense-mode” where it becomes that unsafe, petrol service attendants only service you through a small window at the counter from […]

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Noises in the night

I had just recently installed security cameras for my friend, and was checking them after going out one night and ending up at their place. They wanted cameras because they lived on a corner block between two busy streets and were worried that someone may jump the fence and try to break in – and […]

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Always trust your gut feeling

I regularly caught up with my friend every week. This week, we decided that I would meet him at his girlfriend’s house and pick him up to go out clubbing. I’ve been to his girlfriend’s house plenty of times before to visit him. It’s up in the hills and a bit out of the way, […]

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