Why I don’t answer my door

I got a knock at the door. I never open it unless it was for someone I knew was coming or pizza. This time it was pizza. It was about the time it was due, so I opened the door without checking the peephole in excitement. Sadly, it wasn’t the pizza delivery man. It was […]

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Stalked by a BMW

I thought this was all in my head. Coincidence. Paranoia. But I swear, every time I got in my car, I was followed by the exact same car. First, let me give you some background info. I lived in a town-house in Melbourne, Australia, not far from the city. I won’t reveal the suburb I […]

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I got our house haunted

I haven’t thought about this exprience in a long time but listening to many scary stories made me realise that you never know who’s watching (lol…) When I was about 7/8 years old, my paternal grandmother (we called her babka) passed away. She lived alone and although we didn’t see her as often as we […]

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Why the Mormon church scares me

When I was twelve or so, the Mormon church celebrated the 200th anniversary of the day Joseph Smith had the experience they call The First Vision in which, after praying in a forest, he was said to have seen God and been given the instruction that would eventually bring forth the creation of the Mormon church.  […]

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Real photos with creepy back stories

Below are some images that’ll give you goosebumps. Some of these images were seconds before death and others made the news headlines. Check out these images with creepy backstories:   Mass Suicide in Jonestown Peoples Temple was a religious cult started by Jim Jones in the 1950s, preaching against racism. This attracted many African-Americans, as […]

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6 Scary Places You Need To Know

Waverly Hills Sanitorium Jefferson Country, Kentucky, was severely struck with an outbreak of tuberculosis in the early 1900s, so two wooden open air pavilions were built, each housing 20 patients . This became known as the Waverly Hills Sanitorium. Some 10 years later, due to the growing outbreak, the hospital sanitorium built a larger hospital […]

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