I had killed an innocent cat

I live in the rural north part of Western Australia. Four wheel drive country. This story takes place in wet season. Anyone who has visited the outback or any rural towns in Australia will know what I’m talking about but for those of you who haven’t, the rural north parts have two seasons: Wet and Dry. […]

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Stalked by a BMW

I thought this was all in my head. Coincidence. Paranoia. But I swear, every time I got in my car, I was followed by the exact same car. First, let me give you some background info. I lived in a town-house in Melbourne, Australia, not far from the city. I won’t reveal the suburb I […]

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Murder Mystery: Part six

For many weeks, I had been watching the news after some recent murders in Australia had made the news here in the UK. The victims were tourists mainly from Europe who, according to the evidence found, died horribly. Countless stabbings, multiple gunshots to the face and even decapitation. I feared for these unsuspecting people in […]

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