I used to live alone in a small, one bedroom upstairs apartment. At night, when I was either in bed or in the bathroom, I would hear someone walking across my little living room floor toward the balcony and back again. When it first started happening, I was too scared to do anything other than […]

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I had killed an innocent cat

I live in the rural north part of Western Australia. Four wheel drive country. This story takes place in wet season. Anyone who has visited the outback or any rural towns in Australia will know what I’m talking about but for those of you who haven’t, the rural north parts have two seasons: Wet and Dry. […]

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Just around the corner

My girlfriend and I were so busy, that we barely had time to fix stuff up around the house. One night, we finally had time to do something. So after the kids were put to sleep, we got to working on the fence outside to keep the dog from escaping. I realised I needed my […]

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I Lost My Son

My story is not something I talk about with anyone but it has been eating me up inside that I wanted to share it on this forum in hopes that it reaffirms you to not take anything for granted. My name is Lisa and I am a woman in my 50s and am married to […]

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The Rogue Firemen

I am a security guard for a private company. We are in charge of a shared shipping facility which is quite large and has multiple sheds and parking areas. I was working the late shift as I had done for the past 15 years. It was a pretty quiet job, not much happened and I […]

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The man in the window

I had fallen onto bad times. My wife and I had split up. Basically, she kicked me out of our own house. We met at a man who, himself, had fallen onto hard times at a pub one night, and being good Samaritans, we invited him to stay with us until he was back on […]

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The creep at work

Let me start off by saying that I am no where near being an attractive girl nor do I get much male attention, but this is what happened to me after joining a prestigious law firm in Boston (yes, I know what you make be thinking but that’s just a TV show). I started working […]

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Failed Kidnapping

I was 17 years old at the time, and lived with my mother and younger brother. She worked nights, so I was often left alone with my brother at nights, so usually came home about 12am. It was a Saturday night. Our neighbours were having a party next door and they tended to be loud, […]

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Why I keep dogs

I’ll explain what my house is like to better paint a picture for my story. I have a detached, single story house with front yard and back yard. All properties are the same in the street and my neighbour parks his ute across his front lawn, close to the street. It’s a quiet street with […]

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Never go out alone at night

I was driving back from a friend’s house one night. It was about 12.30am, but where I live in Australia, that’s like super late and very few places are open. They kind of go into this “night-defense-mode” where it becomes that unsafe, petrol service attendants only service you through a small window at the counter from […]

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Always trust your gut feeling

I regularly caught up with my friend every week. This week, we decided that I would meet him at his girlfriend’s house and pick him up to go out clubbing. I’ve been to his girlfriend’s house plenty of times before to visit him. It’s up in the hills and a bit out of the way, […]

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