The Rogue Firemen

I am a security guard for a private company. We are in charge of a shared shipping facility which is quite large and has multiple sheds and parking areas. I was working the late shift as I had done for the past 15 years. It was a pretty quiet job, not much happened and I […]

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Headlights: Part Two

I was driving home on a highway at night. It was pitch black and only illuminated by my car’s headlights. The speed limit is 110km/h (70 miles/hour) and I was doing a bit over. Suddenly, I was flashed by police behind me, so I pulled over. The police stopped behind me and muted their siren, […]

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Real photos with creepy back stories

Below are some images that’ll give you goosebumps. Some of these images were seconds before death and others made the news headlines. Check out these images with creepy backstories:   Mass Suicide in Jonestown Peoples Temple was a religious cult started by Jim Jones in the 1950s, preaching against racism. This attracted many African-Americans, as […]

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Headlights: Part One

This happened to me one night after driving to her place from a Mexican restaurant with my girlfriend. It was about 10.30 or 11pm at night and we weren’t too far from her place. It was a rainy and foggy night, and there were very few, if any cars, on the road. About 10 minutes […]

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