I work for a security company and look after a team of security guards who patrol the local area I am responsible for.
This story is about an employee named was Tomek, an immigrant from Poland who had moved here about 5 years ago with his wife and two young children. He was a really nice guy, cared for his family and took pride in his career which is a trait I hadn’t really seen as a recent employer.
Tomek had called me at around 10pm to tell me one of the tyres on the van had been slashed with a knife, stating” We got trouble. I got flat tyre. I think someone try to make us trouble, someone know what they doing. They make big holes in the tyre with a knife or something sharp. Maybe six holes”.
I told him to change the tyre where it was safe to do so and assumed he would be okay after that, but when I got a call from the McDonald’s store in the next suburb over at 1.30am after they reported we had not attended to collect their cash takings, I called Tomek.
His phone went unanswered and he wasn’t responding to his CB in the van. I went into an absolute panic. I flew down there and did the cash pickup and then started back tracking to the places Tomek should have visited on his rounds.
When I got to the plant, I drove through the plant where Tomek was changing his wheel and didn’t see his car anywhere. I was driving back out and thought, ’Gee, that’s a big oil stain’. I stopped to check it out, only to realise it was a pool of blood. 
Tomek was clearly in trouble because he suspected someone had intentionally stabbed his tyre, but he must have escaped in a rush as the van was no longer there, and couldn’t answer his phone. It’s 2002, so there’s no such thing as hands-free in cars yet, but for the sake of checking, I went around the property to make sure the building was secure.
And that’s when I found him. Tomek. Tied up and laying dead in a pool of blood at the back of the building, behind a wooden gate. His face had been completely bashed in making him completely unrecognisable but I knew it was him based on his clothed body and what was left of his dark brown hair.
I immediately called the police who attended the scene and was interviewed. The police called also the business owner who arrived a short-time later and assisted the police with CCTV footage. I was also given a copy of that footage to review, to help identify anything I could.
The timeline events are as follows
  1. 10:00PM. Tomek pulls into the reception driveway, gets out of his cars and begins checking all external doors and windows around the building.
  2. 10:10PM. Tomek walks back to his van and stares at one of his tyres. He inspects it closer, then reaches for his phone.
  3. 10:15PM. Tomek takes the spare wheel and tools from the back of his van, then jacks up the car. During this, his head suddenly cocks and looks to be engaged in a conversation with another person, then goes back to changing his wheel over.
  4. 10:30PM. This is where I got chills down my spine. Three men swoop in, bashing Tomek. One of the men start bashing Tomek in with a baseball bat repeatedly striking his face. 
  5. 10:35PM. The men get into the security van and drive away.
I could not believe what I had just witnessed. I felt sick to my stomach . All I could think about was how two innocent, young children would never see their father, who loved them dearly, walk through their door again.
Tomek was smart and a well trained guard. He wouldn’t have to let strangers near him, especially when his vehicle had been damaged, so I knew Tomek was murdered by someone he knew.
To this day, Tomek’s case is still unresolved and his murderers are still out there.
This story has been narrated by 4Warnings. Watch the video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ELQGHsXhwMs&feature=youtu.be&t=33

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