Not A Possum!

One evening I was at home watching TV in the living room when I heard noises coming from the rear part of my house, similar to draws sliding.
Now, I live by myself in a condo, so after hearing those noises, I immediately began to freak out. I’m usually on edge being a rather small woman and while I’m feisty, I’m no match for a grown man, so I kept a steel baseball bat close by with me in the living room where I sent most my time, and in my bedroom where I slept at night.
At this stage, I have no idea if there is anyone at my house or if it’s just a possum, so I grabbed my baseball bat and tip-toed down the corridor to the source of the noise.
They were coming from my bedroom. The door was slightly open, so I pushed the door open slowly left hand, while kept the baseball bat over my right-shoulder ready to strike. I looked into my dark bedroom, dimly lit by the window in my bedroom, and that’s when I realized my bedroom window was open. 
The lace curtains swayed gently in the breeze and I have had a tendency to leave the window open in the warmer months to get some airflow in the room before I went to bed at night.
The chances of this being a possum was still likely, so I reached to where the light switch was to turn it on – but instead of making contact with the light switch, I touched something warm… it was a human arm!
I freaked the fuck out and swung in that area out of instinct. The sounds of cursing and groaning as I swung that bat at who ever it was in the dark, and they quickly charged back towards the window and dived out.
I didn’t get a look at who it was, but I turned on the light and slammed the window shut before locking it. I looked down on the ground and saw that a knife had fallen to the ground, probably when I was beating him. I called the police who attended pretty fast and checked everything out. 
The garden beds around my house had been trampled on which police said that this person had likely been scoping me out and was trying to find a way in, and me stupidly leaving my bedroom window open made it that much easier. They also couldn’t lift his fingerprints from the knife he dropped which meant that he knew what he was doing and had likely planned on something sinister for me…
I stayed with a friend that night and moved out not long after…
This story has been narrated by 4Warnings. Watch the video here:

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