I am a bobcat driver in the state of Michigan.

I received a call a man who wanted me to clear the yard of a house he had purchased because there was mounds of grown-over soil in the backyard. I set up a time to go check it out and give him a quote as I did with all my customers.

I attended the home in a part of the outer skirts of Detroit and, to no surprise of mine, it was a derelict house, but with Victorian architecture so I could understand the appeal to want to restore this house.

I met the man I spoke to on the phone and he lead me around the back. The mounds of dirt took up half the backyard and were a collection of dirt and trash, but covered in weeds and grass. The previous owners dumped all their trash in the yard, and I’m guessing someone had shoved all this crap to the farthest part to make whatever room they could.

It was a big job but one I was happy to do and after negotiating a price for the job, we agreed that I’d start the following week.

So because the man didn’t live there, I was permitted to come by anytime to clear the yard.

I work alone and hire a dump truck service which takes the waste to the local trip, so I waited for the truck to arrive out the front of the house and began clearing the mound of dirt. As soon as took the first scoop out of the mound, an incredible stench escaped the dirt.

Rotten food and dead rats. Disgusting.

I dumped the first scoop into the dump truck, then went back for a second. As I picked up the second scoop, I saw something distinct, so I got out of the bobcat to take a closer look. I uncovered more of the dirt around it and my heart stopped.

It was a fucking skull. A human skull!

I immediately stopped and called police on my cell. They got there pretty fast and I showed them what I found. Police questioned me, but ultimately sent me away.

It turns out that I had uncovered the skull of a woman who had gone missing in 1968, identifying her by her dental records. Not only was her skull there, her entire skeleton was in that mound of dirt but scattered throughout the mound.

Although investigators had a difficult time differentiating her from all the other skeletons that they’d found. All in all, there were human remains belonging to 7 people in that pile and police say that, judging by the way the skeletal remains were scattered around, the victims likely suffered torturous deaths and dismemberment.

This story has been narrated by 4Warnings. Watch the video here: https://youtu.be/ELQGHsXhwMs?t=331

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