She went missing, only to end up stuffed in a suitcase…

I used to work for the police force in Queensland, Australia and have my share of messed up calls.

One afternoon I responded to a call about a welfare concern as the neighbor who made the call hadn’t seen the lone old woman who lived there in over a week.
So my partner and I knocked on the front door not expecting anything and getting ready to obtain a search warrant to find a body.
But instead the door opened and we were greeted by a woman in her 30s. We told her that we received a call from for welfare concerns of the old lady who lived there and asked who she was.
The woman told us that she was that old woman’s granddaughter and she had come to look after things as her grandmother was away. We reported back to dispatch and left the scene.
Two weeks later, a resident who was jogging found a suitcase wash up on the riverbank not far from the old woman’s house with a rope attached. When the resident went to pull it up, he struggled as it weighed over 60kg.
He brought it in as lost property to the next police station over in hopes to reunite it with their owner, however when my colleagues opened it to identify the owner, what they found terrified even the biggest man in the room.
Inside the suit case was the old woman. She had been chopped into pieces and squeezed into the suitcase, then dumped into the river with a cistern block to weigh the suitcase down, but probably used the wrong knot.

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