Home intruder made himself at home…

I live with my brother and on this particular night, I had gone out to hang out with friends, leaving my brother home alone.

When I got home, I had planned to go straight to bed and noticed the kitchen light was on but the French doors separating the kitchen from the corridor were closed.
If any lights are on, I would turn them off before going to bed but when I went to the next corridor where the bedrooms are, I saw my brother’s room had a light on too from under his door.
Now for reference, we leave the hall light on and I keep my door open a crack. I got into bed and when I looked up, I saw a dark patch passing the gap of light for a moment, which indicates someone walked past.
This happened again but moments later, but this time in the opposite direction. My brother must have just realised I got home so I said: are you alright? The light suddenly was blocked at the door, like someone was standing there still.
No response. I asked again, this time calling his name. He didn’t answer and walked off back in the direction of the kitchen and living. About 5 minutes later I heard noises from out there, like draws and cabinet doors opening, things being moved and scattering of our things, like as if he was looking for something.
This went on for 30-40 minutes. It didn’t occur to me at the time to get up to see what he was searching for, instead I rolled the other way and went to sleep.
So about 3 hours later, my brother comes charging in and wakes me up. He tells me that someone has broken into the house. He had gotten up to go to get a drink but saw the state of the house.
I got up and we tarted checking out where he noticed this. I walked into living room and saw things missing and had been moved.
The change jar in our study room had been taken and some other stuff like my camera I used for filming. Then when we got to the kitchen, that’s I saw that someone had clearly made themselves at home.
When I looked over at the dining table, I saw food was still out. Our leftover roast was out in the dining table, as well as empty bottles of my Jamaican Rum.
I made an off-hand comment to my brother but he was pale white. He then told me that he put the roast away and he didn’t drink anything tonight, and thought that I had taken out the food and alcohol when i returned home.
That’s when we noticed a catalogue on the table had been cut up into pieces. There didn’t seem to be any sign of the man but I called the police who eventually came over.
They came and we waited in the front theatre room while they searched the house. An officer came in and told us they have taken the man into custody and discovered that the back sliding door had been unlocked so this is likely how he got in.
The officer then asked: who has the bedroom second on the right? It was mine. They found him UNDER MY BED.

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