The worst thing to happen to me

My wife and I were fast asleep three weeks ago when I was awoken by some noises coming from the ground level.

I felt cold and sharp pains from my abdomen but felt like I was sweating which was odd seeing as it’s early Spring and we’re in Michigan.

I sat up as I reacted to the noises and checked the time on my Samsung Galaxy S7 screen saver: 3:04am.
I told my wife to stay put while I go and check it out. Holding my hand over my stomach to comfort the pain, I proceeded down the stairs in the dark, tip toeing out of our bedroom and down the stairs.
The noises became more obvious as I got the landing of the stairs. I could hear banging from the basement door. I rushed to the entrance way where i kept my baseball bat in the umbrella canister and turned on the corridor lights.
I proceeded down the hall and to the basement hall. Taking one deep breath and raising my bat, I unlocked and opened the door outwards.
My wife came spilling out and landed on the floor in front of me. I was mortified. I put the bat down and rushed to her aid. Her hands were tied together with cable ties and mouth taped shut.
She was a mess and the tape muffled her cries, so I delicately pulled the tape from her mouth. She then yelled: you’re bleeding!
I looked down at my stomach and realised I have been STABBED multiple times in the abdomen and was bleeding!
I took my wife to the kitchen and grabbed a knife to cut the cable tie from her wrists, freeing her. Someone was in our bedroom still and it wasn’t my wife. WHO WAS IT.
My wife ran for the phone in the kitchen while I went for the baseball bat. I proceeded back up the stairs much to my wife’s dismay, turning on each light as I did.
When I got to the bedroom and braced myself for whoever was in there, it was empty. That’s when I saw the big pool of blood in the bed and the knife that was likely used.
I checked behind the door, in the closest and in the bathroom. Who ever was in our room was now gone.
I went back stairs to check on my wife in the kitchen and police.and medics came minutes about 20 minutes later.
When the police searched the house, there was no sign of the intruder but our back door was unlocked. I was taken to hospital and treated for my stab wounds which were fortunately not fatal.
I returned home a week ago and things haven’t been the same since. See, the police arrested my wife last night. She had called police before I found her in the basement and told them I had been stabbed by an intruder.

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