Served by a criminal at the corner store

One night last year, I stopped into a corner store on the way home from work to pick up some milk.

At this point, I’d been going to the shop for several years and was familiar with the store and recognised the people who worked there.
Usually, the person at the counter would change every 3 or 4 months so it alarm bells didn’t bring when I stopped by.
So when I got there at about 8.45pm, about 15 minutes till closing time, the door was locked but the lights were still on.
I looked inside and saw that someone was at the counter doing something with the till so I knocked on the door and waved them over.
The employee I didn’t recognise from behind the counter came over to the door and told me they had a break in, so they were closing up.
He appeared very nervous and unsettled as  he told me this news. However we needed milk for tomorrow and I had just got paid, so I was desperate. I told him this and he hesitantly let me in.
He locked the door again right after I came in and told me to hurry up. I went to the fridge and grabbed a carton of milk, then took it to the counter.
That’s when I noticed the counter was wide open and the money was missing. The employee told me that he was counting what cash was left after noticing me staring at the register.
I handed him some money for the milk and told him that I told him that I was sorry about the break-in, and that I hoped they caught whoever did it.
The employee opened the door again to let me out, looking around as he opened the door, then locking it as soon as I exited the store.
The next morning I watched the news and watched in shock to discover that the employee of that very corner store had been held at gunpoint after thieves came in last night.
I had only just been there last night and couldn’t believe how serious it seemed, then wondered how the employee managed to get out by the time I got there.
A still from the security footage then appeared on the screen of two men. One was the man who let me in right as I realised that the employee was still held up at the back of the store.

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