Creepy encounter while walking to school

When my mum was 15 she and a few of her classmates were walking to school in Australia. Australia is as large as mainland US but only has a fraction of its population, so things were very spaced out back then.

Therefore, it was quicker to cut through bushland than take the roads. They would take this route together every day.
However this time on their way to school, my mum tripped over and fell to the ground. Her classmates helped her back out and one of them examined the ground.
He saw a man hand sticking out of the dirt. He screamed as he pointed at it. Everyone else looked including my mum and screamed too after seeing it.
They ran back to the boys house and told his mother. She called the police and once police arrived , the kids and parents went back to that spot.
They didn’t see detectives unearth the body but they learned that it was a young, pregnant aboriginal woman who was still ALIVE.
She was outed by her “mob” after becoming pregnant to her white boyfriend. Her own father had tried to kill his daughter and buried her in a shallow grave.
Eventually, she made a full recovery and even had her baby, but she’ll never forget the eerieness that took place that morning

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