Creepy dude followed me while I was jogging

I recently started jogging to try to become more active. It’s been going well and have lost over 50 pounds so far.

The route I took was the 5 streets from my house to the park, around the lake and back around the block to my house

So two days ago I was jogging up to the park with my headphones blaring music loudly. I passed regulars on the way there and always exchanged greetings.
However on this day, every single one of them didn’t greet me and looked at me with disgust. I passed 4 regulars, all different types of people but all had the same reaction.
As I got into the park, I stopped to see if there was something wrong with me. I wondered if maybe I had a ripped top, or there was blood coming from my leggings, so I took my phone out from my bra and put it into selfie mode.
And that’s when I saw him. A man running behind me and catching upto me. He appeared homeless as he had dirty clothes on and had knotted hair, but he had a vicious smile on his face as he pulled out a knife and ran towards me.
My heart sank but out of pure instinct, I ran through the park away from him as fast as I could. I don’t remember looking back because I didn’t want to lose my footing and I’m glad I didn’t.
After running around the lake, I made it out of the park and ran towards a couple of furniture movers at a house by the park.
These men were solid, tall and covered with ink and extremely intimidating, and I never felt safer than when I did at that moment.
I took my headphones off and told them a man was trying to kill me. They didn’t believe me but one of them called 911 and I stayed with them until police came.
They searched the park and found the man in the brush not far from the lake. He slashed one of the officers, leading to an armada of police attending our quiet neighborhood.
Thankfully they arrested that man after a Police sniffer dog followed his trail. I’m relieved the man has been caught but I don’t feel safe outside anymore.

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