Scariest moment of my life while camping

My wife and I were out camping in the Gold Coast Hinterland two years ago. We had spent the night by the campfire and had some s’mores before calling it a night.

I zipped our tent shut and dozed off shortly after. An hour later, I heard footsteps on the grass around the tent where our heads were.
I sat straight up. Did you hear that? She asked while whispering.
I nodded yes while staring around the tent walls trying to make our anything. I gestured for her to stay quiet. I thought that it was probably a deer, but as it kept walking around, what ever this was was clearly bipedal.
Fearing it was a bear or an unwanted creeer, I reached for the rifle next to me. Suddenly, a figure crouched at the tent door and proceeded opening the zip.
My heart raced as I readied my rifle to defend us. Then, the tent flipped open. IT WAS MY WIFE. My wife stared at me, mortified that I pointed my rifle at her.
Then suddenly my wife turned her attention beside me and shrieked. I turned my head. It was a bearded man laying there!
Instinct took over and I hit the man with the back of my rifle. I ran out of the tent to join my wife and the man began to laugh hysterically.
My wife and I got into the truck and peeled off out of there. We returned home still shaken by the events and didn’t get any sleep that night.
The next morning, we returned to get our stuff but the tent and gear were gone.

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