My creepy encounter at Kmart

Last night I was shopping at a Kmart in northern Western Australia in the winter to buy a ping pong table for my son’s birthday in a week’s time as he loved to play ping pong.

There werent any other shoppers there except for  me and another man who came in after I did. The man kept following me around but I didn’t notice until after I got to the recreation section.
I looked at the display ping pong table and that’s when I noticed he was staring at me. He wasn’t even looking at anything in the store.
I immediately felt creeped out, but thankfully a young man who worked at the store came over to us. He asked the man if he needed any help, but the man took off. The employee then looked at me and mouthed WTF?
The worker then asked me if I needed help, so I told him that I was after a ping pong table. He assisted me with the purchase and with taking the box to my car in the parking lot just outside the centre.
When we got out to my car, the employee stopped in his tracks. I stopped too as it was odd for someone to do that. His face turned white like he had seen a ghost.
The employee then told me: I’m pretty sure I just saw that dude under your car! My blood turned cold as I staed into the abyss under my car, wishing the employee had simply imagined it.
Suddenly, the employee grabbed his phone and dialed 000. He asked for police and told them that there was a suspicious person hiding under a lady’s car. We need immediate assistance as I fear for her safety.
At this point, I realised he was royaly creeped out. Moments later, hands appeared from under the car. Then a head. It was that man. He wiggled out from under MY car, got to his feet and ran off into the night.
We went back inside and took refuge back in the store. The employee stayed with me until the police came 5 minutes later.
The man was never found, but being a small coutry down in northern WA, hopefully it won’t be long until this man is caught.

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