Strange noises inside my roof space

One afternoon, I returned home after going to a friend’s house to help him move an arcade machine. I was gone for about 40 minutes in total.

When I got home, I put on Gears on Xbox Live. I started hearing odd noises from the ceiling in the kitchen. But every time I paused the game, the noises stopped. The noises continued on for a while and again, pausing the game, they continued.
I got fed up with it, so I didn’t pause the game, but got up to track down the noises. They were coming from the kitchen and moving to the corridor, towards the ceiling access panel.
I went to get the step-ladder from the spare bedroom, but heard something move. I looked back and saw the panel lift from one end and black fingers appear.
It was a glove. Suddenly, the panel lifted and a man descended down to the floor, quietly landing on his feet. I stood behind him in shock.
Adrenalin rushed through me as I followed the man quietly, trying to breathe quietly. He tip-toed into the living area looking for something.
However, my ankle cracked which startled the man. He then shoved me back and I fell to the ground, but while getting back up I heard the front door open and close after.
I got back up and went out the front of the house. I couldn’t see him anywhere. Unfortunately it didn’t end there.
Later that night, I was asleep and was awoken by my front door opening and closing again. There’s no doubt in my mind that the man only pretend to leave my house earlier when I thought I heard him leave…

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