Hearing strange noises while home alone

I recently moved into a new house with my husband and 105lbs rottweiler called Lucy in a less than desirable suburb in Townsville, Australia

My husband work nights at a petrol station, leaving me alone with Lucy, so I played a lot of video games to feel less alone while we spoke on the phone.
The console is set up on the TV in the living room, so I rug up on the lounge while Lucy sleeps beside me. While playing Fallout, I heard scratching noises coming from outside but everytime I paused the game, the sounds stopped.
Lucy had recently gone in for surgery and was still recovering from being under, so she wasn’t as responsive as normal. I continued hearing noises, so this time, looked out the window. I couldn’t see anyone below me or beside me. I did this a few more times as they continued.
I dismissed the noises as the wind blowing our trees against the house which could have been normal – I didn’t know at this point of time. Northern Queensland is a particularly windy place and we’re surrounded by trees.
I went to bed with Lucy at the foot of the bed, sleeping with me, leaving the door ajar so she can fetch water as she pleased. Then some time later, I awoke to the sound of footsteps creaking on the wooden floors outside the bedroom door.
I figured my husband had gotten home, but Lucy’s ears pricked up. Within seconds, she had charged out of the room and growled. Holy shit, I thought to myself. That’s when I knew it wasn’t my husband.
My heart was racing and all I wanted to do was hide under the blankets, but I couldn’t for Lucy’s sake. I went into our bathroom and grabbed the scissors from the counter, then turned on the lights as I left the room and followed Lucy’s growls.
In the living room, I saw a man over in the corner of the room. Lucy had latched onto his leg and wouldn’t let him go. The man saw me approach and was startled, but it was clear he was now trying to get away.
Lucy was getting kicked and punched and I couldn’t bare it. She had just gotten out of surgery and she hadn’t healed yet. The man headed towards, my heart sank. He punched me in the face and I fell to the ground. Lucy kept on the offence but this sick bastard kept attacking our baby girl, so I begged him to take what he wanted and to please leave Lucy alone.
On the floor, hurt and dazed, my instinct was to protect my baby and I tried to cover her and absorb the kicks that Lucy would otherwise get. I tried to pull Lucy off and I think the man finally escaped, but not before grabbing my purse and what ever else he could grab.
Eventually, I grabbed my phone and called the police. I don’t remember the exact details from here but I remember crying hysterically on the phone and begging for the police to come.
I managed to call my husband too and he rushed home immidiately, arriving just after the police had gotten to our home. Thankfully, Lucy was mostly okay having needed her stitches re-done, but our unborn baby never got the chance to arrive into this world.
Police searched the house and found what caused those scratching noises. Inside of our house in the dining room, which is next to the living roomand joined by an archway, were deep scratches made by a knife. He was inside the house the entire time.
It turns out, our back door didn’t latch shut propelry, so when the strong wind forced the door open. We’ve now got a deadbolt on it should anyone try to get inside again.

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