I was told I was crazy, but there was someone in my house…

I had been suffering from this issue for over 5 years. I couldn’t seem to shake the feeling and no matter how much I tried to assure myself – I was overwhelmed by it. I slept erradictallly, I felt like I was being watched or followed, and was hallucinating and hearing things.

Living in an old house made out of wood and on pile-ons, I would often hear all sorts of noises, like scratching, banging and rattling. I couldn’t explain every single noise I heard, but the noises grew on me and became comforting, but my hallucinations were making me uncomfortable.

I started imagining seeing people in my house. I would imagine seeing a man crouched in front of my bed, crawling around. Or when I was in the bathroom, if I stared hard, I would make out a figure in the darkness.

But I knew there was no one there as there was no way to get into my house. All the doors and windows were locked and there were no signs of break-ins, etc. Meaning I was going nuts.

I also had this feeling like I was forgetting something. I started misplacing and losing things, so when I left home for instance, I felt like I forget my wallet and my phone, even though I could feel them in my pockets and saw them right before my eyes.

I feared that if I were to travel, that something catastrophic would happen like the house would catch fire or something much, much worse.

I didn’t dare talk to my family or friends about it… I guess I didn’t think they’d understand me. But I did see a psyche every month to seek treatment for these problems, and it helped the OCD, but my hallucinations were still random.

Every time I would look for these things and I could never find them in their same spots. For reference, my house is pretty messy, so things can go missing in an unorganised house.

To try overcome the problem, I started assigning places for things which helped. I placed my wallet and phone on the dresser in my bedroom, and my keys at the bench by the front door. These were always there when I needed them, and very rarely moved.

Everything else seemed to move or disappear, which I didn’t rememver moving. Honestly, I thought my house was haunted and maybe I was actually sane.


The reason my place is messy is because I like tend to have a hundred DIY projects on at any givem time, and being a single male in my 20s, I have a lot of free time on my hands after work.

I’m a bit of a tech-head and just recently purchased a new set-top box with an Ethernet port. My wireless access point wasn’t quite reaching from my study room to the living room, so I was going to run some network cable down that way.

This made it potentially much easier to run cable around the house as drilling via wood is a lot easier than getting in the ceiling crawl space, running cable down walls and drilling holes via the walls as I didn’t want to discover what wildlife and vegetation existed behind them.

This particular night, I was looking for a bag of nail-in U=hooks I bought to help me secure some network cable down underneath the floorboards to the living room. For the life of me, I couldn’t find them. I looked everywhere, but evenutually wrote it off.

The next morning while making a coffee, I found the bag of the U-hooks in plane sight on my dining table. See, my house is hauned! But reality is, I probably found them yesterday and put them on the table ready for me the next day but I forgot about it.

Now that I had my U-hooks,, I could finally run my cable. Awesome, I thought. It’s the morning, I can get under the house and run this cable. I grabbed the box of my cable and torch from the shed and went to the side of the house where the opening was, along with the other stuff I needed.

Now, this opening was simply closed with a bit of wood, it wasn’t anything crazy, it kinda wedged between the limestone blocks and the gaps on either side were enough to slip your hands through to put it back in place. My backyard was fully enclosed by fences and neighbours on each side.

I got on all fours and turned on the torch flash, then proceeded to walk ino the crawl space. It was a bit trashy in there, but it was an old house so shit accumilates I assumed. I started running the cable down from where the study roughly was, to where the living room was.

As I crawled through and ran the cable to the living, I started hammering in the hooks. Like I said earlier, the space was only a foot tall so I had to wiggle around on my back and it was hot in there. I started sweating due to the lack of air flow. I took a moment to rest and looked at the trash around me to see what treasures lay there.

I picked something out the ground and my heart stopped. The first thing I picked up a tint of mints I had bought which was quite recent. I checked the best before and it still had 12 months to go.

I looked around more. My missing shit. My belongings were littred throughout the entire crawl space. I didn’t know how I didn’t notce I before. WHAT. THE. FUCK. I was feeling really uneasy at this poin and felt like I was gong to throw up. The only explanation I had for any of  this, was that maybe shit was falling through a hole in the floor or something?

I got out of there to get some fresh air and gather my thoughts. As I got to my feet, I leant down and put my palms to my knees to support myself as I let the air cool me and tried to make sense of what I saw. As I got up, I instinctively looked to my left.


Panicked, I went back inside the house to call my brother. My phone was charging in the kitchen, so I went to go get it. When I made it there, my blood turned cold. There’s a fucking trap door in the kitchen, beside the cooker which I kept it clear due to the pantry cupboard there.

That’s when my worst fears came true. I realised that whoever was living under my house was entering it through this trap door. Maybe my house hadn’t been haunted… maybe there was a slight chance I wasn’t crazy and hallucinating.

So I called my brother. He didn’t seem to concerned over the phone but was bored, so came over to my house within half an hour as he only lived a little while away. My brother came over and checked around the outside of my house.

He came back to me and looked like he had seen a ghost. Behind the garden at the front of my house on the other wise of my yard was a mound of dirt by the fence. I came out with my brother to see it.

Even an obese man could fit under this fence, You wouldn’t have seen it unless you went into the garden, but after seeing it, I instantly felt sick.

I kicked the shit out of that mount of dirt, trying to fill in that hole. If someone is using this to get in, there’s no way I’m letting them back in. My brother held me back and told me not to bother. Concrete is the only way that’ll solve that he said.

We called the police and they came over to investigate further. After some hours later, they told my brother and me the most horrifying news I’ll ever hear in my life.

My house was riddled with foreign fingerprints and DNA. They suggested I stay somewhere else tonight while I strengthen up th security and secure the trap door and fences. Get an alarm system and some security cameras.

My brother and I concreted all the fences and we screwed the trap door shut. And since then, I’ve not hallucinated seeing things or lost anything else either. Cooincidently, the noises have stopped in my house too.

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