Her head has not been found

About 3 years ago, I lived in a unit-complex of about 20 hours. Each house is single story and semi-detached to a degree. We each had a patch of garden and car port to park our cars in and it was the best I could afford on my low-wage job while studying at uni.

As you can imagine, when living so close to others, you’re bound to bump into them regularly, so we all came to know each other, well at least most of us.

Unfortunately, being in a unit complex primarily filled with senior citizens meant our complex was the subject of much vandalism, attacks, theft and other crazy shit that had forced us to band together and defend our homes.

I was the youngest in the complex in what was otherwise a makeshift-retirement village, so I would often be the go-to guy to help with everything physical. But I didn’t mind and I was rewarded with cups of tea and cake.

So on this Sunday afternoon, I was changing the oil on my piece of shit Aveo, when Frank and Meredith, neighbours from two doors down came up to me with concerned looks on their faces.

They had told me they hadn’t seen Rena, our woman who lived in the unit closest to the back left corner, in a few days. They asked if I had seen her. I told them no and asked if anyone else had?

But I guess I knew the answer to that already. They were coming up to me because they probably wanted me to go and check it out. So I volunteered myself to check if she was okay and went over.

Now, to fill in the blanks, all the neighbours had already knocked on Rena’s door, so it was pointless for me to knock. Instead, I jumped over the back fence to try and get a look inside.

I’m not going to lie to you. I was expecting the worst. If she hadn’t been out for a few days, due to her old age, she was probably dead. But none the less, she couldn’t stay rotting in her unit.

So I tried to look through her windows while Frank and Meredith waited out the front of her house. All the blinds were closed, so this confirmed to me, that something was terribly wrong.

I noticed her bathroom window was open, so squeezed in and landed in her bathtub. I was now in Rena’s house. I opened the bathroom door to what I presume would be the hallway, and that’s when I smelt it.

The stench of death. Yep, she’s definitely dead I thought to myself. It was not a pleasant smell to put it politely. I covered my face with my shirt and powered went into each room down the hall.

There was no sign of Rena, so I went into the main living area. This room was empty too, so I went into the kitchen/dining which tailed off, and that’s where I saw something I can never forget.

Rena’s body was on the floor. Her head was not. There was a pool of blood surrounding her body.

I quivered as emotion hit me at once. I felt the sudden urge to regurgitate, so I ran to the back sliding door which is when I realised, it was not locked. That realisation distracted me enough to forget about vomiting, but I did open the door wide to let some air in.

As soon as I did, I went over to the front door and let myself out. By this point, the other neighbours had joined Frank and Meredith. It must have been clear how I felt because they saw the look on my face and instantly knew it was bad.

Meredith instantly started tearing up and Frank looked down while consoling her. I told them sternly that we needed to call the police right away. Frank looked at me confused and asked what the matter was.

I didn’t tell him what Rena’s decapitation or the pool of blood, but I told them to please just do call them because it was very serious. Instead, I think one of the other neighbours volunteered to do it and went over to their house.

Police and ambulance came not long after and Rena’s house was investigated by detectives. You can guess how it went down, but if you hadn’t worked it out already, someone had jumped the fence and taken advantage of Rena’s open back door, then murdered her.

To this day, as far as I know, Rena’s head has not been found.

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