Held up at the gas station

I was driving to visit my brother’s in Newcastle, Australia after leaving Sydney a couple of years ago. On my way there, I realised I needed gas because I was nearly empty.

It was late at night and I wasn’t familiar with the area but thankfully, I found a place that was still open.
I filled up my car and went to pay for it at the station. The doors were locked so I looked at the attendant, who had a distinct cleft pallet, and gestured my confusion.
The attendant waved his arms and yelled “don’t worry about it”. Confused, I went back to my car while looking at the attendant.
He stared at me as I got back in, watching me like a hawk, then brushed me away.
The next morning, I read on the news that that very gas station was held up at gunpoint. The attendant was tied up at the back and the thieves got away with a large amount of money.
Security camera footage revealed the men in the store. One of the theives was the man with the cleft pallet.

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