Quick update to my AWESOME followers

Hi all!

Thanks so much for everyone following me here on WordPress, the home base of Mr Reality (mrreality.net), the place where I can unwind, read my fellow bloggers stories, posts and random stuff, and write my horror stories.

I haven’t been able to write as many stories as I was previously due to life commitments, so I’ve had to start reducing the amount of stories I post to every Thursday/Friday (depending on your time zone), but I hope you enjoy them all the same and appreciate you guys checking back and viewing them.

I wanted to give a personal shout out to Gibbs, who, without fail, likes every single one of my posts I’ve published on the site for.. I don’t even know how long for, but I’ve followed Gibb’s site and read what he does with World Vision, etc. and as they say in my country: He’s a real stand-up bloke.

I’ve been working over on the YouTube channel as well. I wasn’t very good at video editing/recording when starting in February this year but I’ve spent countless hours learning the ropes and improving each time.

I appreciate everyone who has subscribed to me on YouTube. I have 129 subscribers as of this post and I couldn’t be happier. I feel so honoured that even 1 person would like something I made, let alone 129 so thank you so much for everyone who’s subscribed, it’s a huge support and it’s a great feeling to see people like something I made.

I love making stuff that people can enjoy and entertains them so hopefully I’m stepping in the right direction and I appreciate all of you who have recommended me and given me a mention along the way – Moonbeamray23.com (here on WordPress) – thank you so much for that mention on your site.

If you’d like to check out my channel on YouTube and see the videos I make, check it out here: https://youtube.com/c/mrrealityand if you’d like to see more or just want to support me, please consider subscribing 🙂

That’s all from me for May 2018 but if you want to just say Hi or let me know if there’s anything you want to see/hear, please comment below or drop me in an email to thisismreality@gmail.com





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