I Found A Series Of Journals In My Cabin – Part 3

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I’m back you guys, and I can say, most of you.. it’s very touching, truly, how concerned you all are for me. And as per request, I will attempt to leave, as soon as is possible. Right now we’re buried into the cabin by snow. Shortly after posting last night, a small blizzard came through and it gave us, after today, all in all about 3 and a half foot of snow. It’s been rough. Luckily the cabin is still managing to keep power.

If it should not, I have a generator to keep electric to the important things, and I, of course, have my wood stove. Things aren’t so bad. I can’t say anything creepy has happened, nor do I think this blizzard is connected to that.. that thing? But, I still believe having read into this series that I should try to leave as soon as I can.

The only issue is, we have nowhere to go. Our things were in a storage unit, we kept them there and attempted to sell our home before moving in and now, look at this. We’re in a predicament to say the least. So, for now, seeing as I can do nothing else at the moment… let’s get back to it, yeah?

Journal Entry 30: 1/11/2016

Entry 29 was simply some rambling and incoherent thoughts that was difficult to read, I believe the guy had a lapse in his sanity late at night

“I woke up this morning to the most awful smell… If you’ve ever had the displeasure of smelling roadkill that’s had its guts spilled out over a hot highway in the middle of summer for a few days, that’s the smell that permeated my very soul…


How could a smell like that come about, in this type of weather? I mean surely the cold would keep the smell down, the meat and guts wouldn’t be able to rot, would they?…

I don’t know… but I walked into my kitchen to find some cleaning supplies and a trash bag, see if I could locate the source of the smell and when I glanced out my window, I saw blood running against the glass!

I ran outside after grabbing my shotgun, attempting to see what I could and I wish I had not, because there were several deer carcasses and other small mammal carcasses all over my roof! Torn completely to shreds! Blood turned the snow a crimson shade unlike anything you could have ever imagined! I looked down and saw those dreaded tracks throughout my yard, all around the house…

I instantly had a feeling of dread, as if I was being watched so I ran inside. As far as a vantage point goes, upstairs would be perfect for seeing around the house, there are no walls for separate rooms, I can check each side as I please, hopefully not missing anything! I’ll find that bastard and I will kill it! Mark my words!!”

Journal Entry 31: 1/11/2016

“I found the source of the smell… my entire upstairs, which I haven’t been to for a few days because of this abomination, was covered in blood and guts…

The walls, they were PAINTED in gore. I say gore because there was hair, chunks of fat and pieces of brain and guts… ugh… literally anything you can imagine, there was pieces of and it was all over my walls. Even the ceiling wasn’t immune…

Somehow, with everything locked and blocked off, this THING had managed to get inside MY home. It defiled my home and yet for some reason.. it left me alone… why is it toying with me?! It won’t let me leave and it won’t kill me?! How dare this thing try to control my life like this! I don’t deserve this! I never deserved this!

The beast taunts me further still.. it’s nearly pitch black outside and it was too dark to make anything out for sure when I saw it, but, I have some details about it…

The beast must stand nearly 10 feet tall. It looked impressively large even from the distance away that it was, and me being upstairs. It appeared to be very comfortable on its hind legs, they were slightly bent… backwards?… at the knee, a human knee bends the opposite direction, I should point out.

It’s arms are much too long, they hang nearly to where its knees should be. It’s got hair all over its body, very long and matted I believe. It’s face… it’s head is shaped like a humans, only… I can’t really make out it’s face, other than it has a very large mouth, the teeth are extremely sharp-looking. It’s eyes burn red and gold, it can stare right through your soul, I swear…

It’s hands end in claws, I’m talking fingers that must be 8 or 9 inches long, with a 2 or 3 inch razor sharp talon at the end of each finger. I’ve never seen anything like it and I pray to God I never see anything else like it again…

It stared at me, and I could feel the burning sensation of being watched, even from my secure position inside and upstairs. I finally found the source and when my eyes met its eyes, I could feel myself cringe in fear as my heart sank. And at the exact moment I felt these things, it smiled at me…. much larger than a person could, and then it proceeded to walk circles around the house…

I positioned myself at each next window as it would do so, only to find it would wait for me to get there, see me watching, smile, and continue moving. It did this for hours. Very slowly, until finally I started writing this. And when it started getting nearly pitch black dark outside….

It… it waved at me, and took off faster than I’ve ever seen anything move in my life. The scariest part though, was if all this… this had all happened sooner in the day… because I was so mesmerized by fear, I didn’t notice til it fled that it was moving closer to the house the whole time. It could have been at one of the doors or windows in literally a second if it had wanted to…

I’m afraid it’s playing with its food before it eats it… I’m not sure how much longer I’ll survive…”

Journal Entry 33: 1/13/2016

“I haven’t seen the beast yet today, it’s only around noon, but I also didn’t see it yesterday. Perhaps it’s done with me? I certainly hope so… I’ve been looking at this map of the area, and I’m trying to figure a way out. Perhaps this thing pays attention to the road, so it somehow mesmerizes me like the other day and I end up back here?

But like, what if it is watching the road and not watching me? Well, at least not watching me all the time… I don’t know, but what I do know is that I’m in pretty good shape and I know that if I had east down the mountain I’ll be in the woods for 2 miles or so, and I’ll hit some plains type land and then in another 5 miles I’ll be at the next property line, maybe 500 meters from the next house at that point!

Maybe I can finally get out of here?!

I can only hope! Perhaps God will bless me this day! My bag of provisions is packed, wish me luck!”

Journal Entry 34: 1/15/2016

the writing is very sloppy this time, it looks panicked once more, I had a hard time reading it, but this is worth note to you guys

“I’m doomed! I fucking made it! I had a short sense of dread about halfway through the plains, as if I was being watched, but other than that, all things were good. I didn’t hear myself being followed, I didn’t see any tracks that could ever have indicated that my demon, or whatever this thing is!… has been where I was headed. And ya know what else?

I heard animals and birds in the woods. Something I haven’t heard for a while. I truly believed in my whole heart, that I was safe. That I was free. But I wasn’t. Not by a long shot, oh no!

Okay… let me start from the beginning I suppose. I get to the fence, and I can tell, this is a farmer’s home. I’m met by a particularly beautiful ranch, a barn, there are cows, it’s amazing. Ranch style home of course, because farmers are certainly cliché, and I think to myself “I made it! I really made it!”

And then, that’s when I notice something is off. Because there certainly was livestock roaming around, and there certainly looked to be life, and recent life at that, in this home. I know because there was smoke billowing out of the chimney. However…

There are no cars or trucks. Nobody can be seen outside. I see nobody looking out or walking around the windows. It seems deserted. But then I look to the sky and notice it’s starting to get dark, so maybe they’re having dinner?

I walk up to the front porch and on the ground in the snow, that’s when my heart stops and I really begin to panic… the footprints. The same ones that have been around my home, from the same monster that’s been taunting me. I did not want to go inside, at all. But I did, because I feared for the residents and I had my gun and I figured, if nothing else I can end this or my story ends. Well, neither of those things happened.

Before I enter, I look up at the door notice it’s half-open. Beside the door, from the wall, across the door frame and upon closer inspection to the door, are claw marks. This thing slashed at the wall all the way across to the door. The door had been kicked in. When I walked in, I wasn’t sure what to expect, but nothing could have prepared me for what I saw.

I push open the door with the barrel of my gun and I see a man, laying on the front room table. At least, what was left of him… his left leg was torn off completely and left beside his body, his left hand appeared to have been chewed off, it was a gnawed on stump, basically… his right arm had been ripped off and… shoved down his throat… though naturally a human mouth couldn’t handle that, his bottom jaw was torn from its hinges… his stomach was ripped open, all of his guts were torn out and spread across the room, covering everything in a gory mess.

Save for one organ. His heart had been torn out of its place, but set back inside the empty body cavity. The scene was disturbing, to say the least… I found that this did indeed make me correct about someone living here, even down to the fact there was a fire still burning in the fireplace….

To spare myself, and anyone who finds this journal, in case something happens to me, I won’t detail the rest of the family. But the man had a wife and 3 kids as well. The kids were probably ages 3, 7, and 9. Two boys, the oldest, and a little girl. The whole family was in a similar condition. Dinner was in a crock pot, they hadn’t even eaten yet.

I prayed for them.

Now… I noticed one last thing I wanted to detail… this monster was VERY intelligent. It had written on the walls in the blood of its victims. Every room that someone died in, there was a message. The two boys died together. The little girl was in bed in her room, she died alone. The mom. And the husband. Four messages. Smeared on the walls the messages read…





And after finding these messages, I’m ashamed to admit that I did eat what was in the crock pot… it was pork tenderloin, peas, carrots, and potatoes… truth be told I hadn’t eaten in days and I was starving.. but as I ate, I cried in shame… I went back to the room with the man in it, and the door was closed, I had not shut it behind me…

And when I glanced outside, there was the beast. Waiting to see me. It smiled, waved, and watched from the yard… I went to the bathroom and slept in the tub… it let me live, and get some rest… only to make sure I went home the next morning. And here I am.

I can almost feel it watching me write this…”


I wanna get the fuck out of here… I was gonna post another entry but it’s a long one as well, so I’ll point this out… my wife was researching this place, as I was writing this. Or rather, the owner… I can’t believe this because we’re pretty good at finding information on things and so far from what I see, he never existed…?

I’ll update if I find anything, until then, I know for sure at least 3 more days until it’s been warm enough consistently for this snow to melt off so we can get the hell out of here! Maybe if some of you wanna try to research this guy, I’ll give you what I know about him?

Wish us luck!

Part Four Is Next!

Story by: ZombiiJediNinja1

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