Master Jack

The other night I had to get my clothes off the clothesline in my backyard because I had work the next day.

I have a big 200lbs Mastiff boy named Jack who lives in my backyard so I felt safe even at night knowing he was there. He was normally pretty quiet but you’d basically just hear his footsteps around you, occasionally brushing his nose or rubbing against you, but that was it.

So into the dark night I went and went to the side of my house where the clothesline was. It was cold and I could see my breath turn into fog each time I exhaled. My face was freezing at rapid pace – gotta love winter.

This night, I didn’t hear my dog’s footsteps when I approached the clothesline. I looked around while collecting my clothes, trying to carry each item of clothing in my right arm… just couldn’t see him.

I panicked for a moment, but then I heard those heavy footsteps down the back corner of the side of my house and I felt safe again. I couldn’t see down there as it was pitch black and between the fence and the side of my house, it was very narrow which adds to the darkness.

It was freezing and only moments after this, I had all my clothes down. For reference, I do let my dog in later on at night but it wasn’t that late yet.

I went back inside and closed my door behind me, returning back to the warmth of my living room to sort my clothes out. Probably about 5 minutes later, I hear my dog barking hysterically, but the location was off.

Naturally, I went to my back door to look out the backyard and see what he was barking at. But the barks weren’t coming from there. They sounded like they were coming from the front of the house.

I went to my front door and checked the peephole. What the fuck. My boy is running around crazy at the front yard, jumping at the side gate, running to the front door and repeating the process over and over.

I immediately opened the door and my dog came bolting in, licking me and checking to make sure I was okay.

That’s when it hit me… The footsteps I heard in the back weren’t Jack’s.

I shut the door and locked it, then called my neighbour who lived across the road. He was an older, solid guy and very intimidating. He also served in the army many years ago before changing career.

Within the minute I called him, he was at my front door. I saw the concerned look on his face through the peephole. Boy was I so glad to see him. He followed me in the house and I took him to the backyard.

We went outside with Jack and went over to where I heard the footsteps. Jack started barking again hysterically, standing beside me as his eyes locked on whatever was in the darkness.

My neighbour pulled out a flashlight and pointed it into the dark revealing a man dressed in black and a sadistic, grin on his face. It was his footsteps I heard. Holy. Fucking. Shit. It was the freakiest site I’d ever seen in my life.

My neighbour charged towards him but the unknown man was too quick. He pounced onto the fence like a cat and jumped into my next-door neighbour’s yard. We went back inside and ran over to my next-door neighbour’s front door.

They answered and the chase was on in sequence.

At some point, we lost the guy and I think one of the other neighbours called the police because when we eventually lost track of him, the police showed up.

I’m not sure what that guy’s intentions were and I don’t know how my Master Jack got out from the back to the front, but I’m so glad he stayed nearby and that I heard his barks otherwise who knows what could have happened.

It’s been a few years since then and I’m starting to feel safe in my house again, but I always wonder if that man has or ever will come back.

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