Creepiest holiday trip we have ever been on!

I was traveling through Mexico with my fiancée, who I will call Lucia for this story, to visit her distant relatives around Mexico City in Fall after staying in Tijuana. We arrived in Mexico City earlier, but we caught a connecting flight to Tijuana and stayed there for much of our time, so we weren’t there for more than a few hours. Tijuana was a different pace and felt very safe and Lucia’s family lived there.

Lucia warned me that Mexico City isn’t as safe as cities in Spain, so to be very careful and always keep your eyes open. We were in a public area, walking to the Hotel El Senador in the afternoon. It was a busy place and many people were about going about their day. As we were walking, a woman who looked like a gypsy, walked up to me with a piece of cardboard, holding it and walked towards me like holding a pizza box, blocking my visibility of the ground beneath. I suddenly felt someone touch my pocket.

Lucia ripped the cardboard away from the woman and revealed 2 small boys hugged up to her, and one boy’s hand was going into my pocket, trying to steal my wallet. I pulled away and we got out of there, walking towards the hotel. As I looked back, the gypsy woman started yelling at us, upset that she didn’t get to rob us, then started to signal to people in the crowded area.

Suddenly, 3 grown native men walked after us. They looked very intimidating and I was getting very anxious. I told Lucia that some men were following us. We found two police officers on patrol by foot, so we approached them and told them the situation. They looked at the men, who suddenly stopped in their tracks, turned around and walked away. The police told us that they couldn’t do anything as they haven’t committed any crimes, unless we were forgetting anything to report. We told them no, and they advised us that it is best we go to wherever we need to go, and to be careful.

Unfortunately, this isn’t the end of the story. When we got to the hotel, we checked in. We were greeted by friendly staff who were extremely helpful. They even gave us a free voucher to eat at their restaurant that night. An attendant helped us with our bags and lead us to our room.

When the attendant opened the door to our room, a sudden stench hit us as we opened it. Like the smell of death. The attendant also smelt it but tried to ignore it, although his face was clearly showing disgust. He dropped the bags down near the dresser, then went to leave. I called him back to tip him but he insisted we keep the tip and couldn’t leave our room fast enough.

As we tried to settle in our luxurious hotel room, the smell was still as strong as it was when we first entered so we opened the windows and cranked up the heat from the aircon unit to try get the smell out the windows.

The smell kind of settled or so we thought. We decided not to go down to the restaurant, let alone eat anything that night. The smell of death isn’t an aroma that encourages hunger.

I woke up in the middle of the night after having a nightmare. Maybe skipping dinner didn’t help as I had dreamed that the reason for the room smelling so bad, was because there was a dead body in the room. My fiancee also woke up. She had a similar dream and was feeling unsettled.

We got out of our bed and decided to call the front desk. We told them about the smell and that we couldn’t sleep in this room as it was becoming unbearable. They sent someone up to investigate. We heard a knock on the door. “House keeping”. I opened the door to a well-dressed man with slicked back hair and earring on his left ear. “You reported a smell?”. He was the night manager. I let him in. I could see that he instantly discovered the stench that we had been suffering from for some 10 hours.

He assured us that this is a rare circumstance, and asked us to wait down at the lobby. So we obliged.

About 30 minutes later, police arrived at the door of the hotel. Due to the early hours of the morning, the hotel was locked so the police had to buzz in. The door was unlocked for them and they entered the hotel, gazing at us as they entered. They spoke to the person serving at the front desk. We couldn’t make out exactly what they were saying word for word, but they mentioned our room number, then proceeded to the lift.

I looked at Lucia and she looked back at me, wording with her mouth “¿Que carajo?”, which basically means what the fuck in Spanish We tried to find out more from the front desk, but we were told to stay here and everything was under control.

We sat in those uncomfortable lobby chairs until the police came back down with the night manager.

The police left the building and the night manager spoke to us. He apologized sincerely for the inconvenience and that they would put us in a different room. He went over to the computer and typed something up on the computer, then handed us a new keycard.

We demanded to know what was wrong as we were extremely concerned. The night manager sighed, looked around and decided to come clean to us.

He advised us that the police had found something under our bed that was something that was wrapped in plastic. More than likely a dead body. The told us that the room is off limits, and that they’d be back with medics so they could remove the body.

At that point, we demanded for our things and got the hell out of there that night.

The scary thing is, the body had been there for a little while with multiple guests sleeping in the same room before us, and no one knowing the body was under the very bed that they slept in.

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