Strangers tried to move into my house… legally

I was at home watching TV one late night when I received a knock at the front door. It was 11.30pm and I wasn’t expecting any visitors.

Living in a safe, close-knit neighbourhood in Melbourne, Australia, I answered the front door. It wasn’t anyone I knew and I instantly regretted opening the door. He asked me If I could them a taxi. Just for reference, some Australian people substitute “us” in place of “me” and “me” instead of “my”, along with harsher pronunciations.

Honestly, it seemed shifty but I wasn’t worried as he was about my height and I was stockier than he was. He didn’t appear to be armed or anything, so I said “okay” and shut the front door. I had no intention of calling him a taxi and assumed that they would target the next house as they were probably checking to see if anyone was home before breaking in to it.

I decided to go to sleep as I had work in the morning and the TV gave off some light to the front of the house . If they were out there, I didn’t want to attract them back just in case they actually wanted a taxi.

An hour later, I got another knock at the door. I sprung to my feet and opened the door a crack. It was the man again. He asked: Did you call us a taxi? Oh my god, seriously? This guy legitimately wants a taxi. I replied: Yeah, but there is a long wait. He then asked: Can we use your toilet? I said: No mate, I’m trying to sleep, the tax will be here soon and shut the door.

I went to the front living room and peeped through the curtains to look out the window making sure the guy had left my front door. And that’s when I realised the gravity of the situation. Us was literally us. There were 5 other people, wrapped in blankets to keep themselves warm with bags of clothes, camped out on my front lawn.

Panicked, I called the police. They told me to not let them in as they’ll never leave and told me they’ll be right over. Unfortunately, Australian Law states that the Aborigine people can “squat” anywhere they please and legally cannot be ejected from your house.

Minutes later, the police arrived and escorted the happy campers out of my yard and out of my life, never to be seen again.

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