There’s someone in the kitchen…

One night, I was awoken by my dad who was standing at my door. He asked me in his calm voice: Can you get the crow? I know he meant crowbar, but due to English being his second language, he would shorten English words.

I didn’t have a crowbar with me. I couldn’t fathom the situation. I’m not sure why my dad would assume I kept a crowbar on me or if it was codeword for something so I sprung to my feet still half asleep as he’s never done anything like this before, never made any requests like this. I’m a tall and stocky person at 6′ 5″ and 280lbs so I would think of myself as pretty courageous and confident in resolving any issues.

My dad followed behind me telling me that there’s someone in the kitchen. My suspicion was confirmed and when I got to the end of the hallway entering the living room, my mother was standing there with a broom. She looked she was going to go in and scare off who ever was in there, but she was half asleep so she was probably acting out of fear.

I signalled at her to put it down by patting my hand down and told her to go back. I turned my attention to the door that lead to the kitchen. The kitchen is joined with a dining room and I could see the light in the kitchen part was on so I walked through the doorway which leads you into the dining first.

As I walked in, I saw a younger man. He was 6′ 7″ or 6′ 8″, heavy and armed with a knife. He was standing at the dining table and I clearly interrupted him from whatever he was doing. His clothes were worn and poorly fitting him, clearly low wealth but he didn’t look homeless.

It was obvious he went through our kitchen to arm himself and in doing so, woke up both my parents, but I’m not sure how I slept through it. I saw two of our other kitchen knives on the dining floor in front of me, closer to me than it was to the intruder.

Unarmed and fearful for my family’s lives and mine, I rushed to the floor to pick up a knife. As soon as I did this, the man walked towards me with his knife in hand. I stepped back and held it up to my right above my shoulder, forming a fist with my left hand. This stopped the man in his tracks as I was now on an even playing field as he was.

I demanded he drop his knife and step the fuck back. He looked at me with intent and he slowed in approaching me but I was ready to fight this guy and take him out if it meant keeping my family safe. To my relief, the guy dropped his knife to the ground.

He then stood and looked at me, maintaining the same look on his face but realising that what ever he was planning wasn’t going to happen since I was here. I asked him what he wanted. As he responded, I remember his voice sounding ill-fitting to his physique. He had a deep, mature voice even though he was so young. He had a voice for YouTube narrating, maybe for a true horror story channel like Mr. Reality but sadly due to his illegal activities thus far, I was reluctant to compliment him.

The actual words that came out from this charming, narrator voice was probably the most terrifying I’ll ever hear in my life, he said: I’ve killed my brother and sister and I’m hiding from the police.

He then started bursting into tears and chucked his arms to the side of his body, his face scrunched up as a tonne of emotion released from his once-focused being. I was lost for words and I started to feel bad because he was sad, but grounded myself because he’s a fucking murderer!

My parents were behind me and they stepped into the dining room. Not one of us said anything has he continued on to justify his actions as to why he killed his family, but honestly I don’t think any one of us had anything to say since he was unwelcome in our house.

I looked over at the door and realised the sliding door was unlocked. I checked the doors every night because my dad had a habit of leaving things unlocked. I didn’t check it this time but it was obvious my dad forgot to lock the sliding door and probably the side gate as well.

Suddenly, the door bell rang, followed by loud pounding sounded from the front door and a loud, clear voice announcing it was the police.

My mother rushed over to open the door and let them in. Four officers entered and I placed my knife on the ground as obviously I had no reason to anymore.

They arrested the guy and took him out of our house.

Next time, I’ll be ready.


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