Tales from the Outback: Part 2

I’m back with another one of my whacky Australian outback tales!

One a recent tour of mine, a weird man joined our group. He seemed entirely disinterested in what was happening around him and never spoke to anyone or got off the bus during photo stops.

He even rejected the meals that were prepared during the tour. To be honest, I wasn’t even sure if the guy was quite sane as he seemed to be startled really easily and stared into the distance mostly.

One part of the tour is to stop in at Coober Pedy which is a rural town in South Australia, where you ditch the swag and sleep in bunk beds underneath the earth. The man chose to have a nook all to himself. This meant four bunk beds and a curtain to separate the corner from the overall room.
The next morning, I came to wake everyone. Everyone was mostly woken up except the nook whch was seperated off from everyone else – where the strange man spent the night. I opened the curtains and gently announced: Good morning.

I found the guy still asleep but nearly startled him to death when I opened the curtains. I had stepped on newspaper that covered the whole area around the bunk beds. Why it was there, I didn’t even want to know but was mighty glad to be rid of the guy once we landed in Adelaide.

The feeling seemed mutual because the guy was the first one off the bus and gone in an instant.

Unfortunately, this was not the last time I saw that creepy guy again. As I lived in Adelaide and had just completed my tour, I returned home that night to enjoy a week off before I was rostered on the next tour. When I turned on the TV, I was just in time for the news.

The creepy man that was on my tour bus was on the news. I recognised his face instantly – I watched him very carefully on the tour because I didn’t trust him so I’ll never forget his face. To my horror, the strange man was labelled the most wanted drug criminal in the country at that time and he was still uncaught.

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