The Smell of Death

I had taken my mother to a local surgery one afternoon as she was due for a check-up following a successful surgery a week ago.

It was a long wait its deprivation of nicotine intake got the better of me, so I excused myself outside to replenish my rapidly fading levels.

There’s a parking lot outside of the surgery and because it’s a public medical centre, you aren’t allowed to spoke near the front door of the surgery so I walked further down towards the back parking lot which is shared among other business and services in the area.

I lit up and took my first breath, exhaling my ever-so-sweet breath of nicotine-filled carbon dioxide and looked around as I continued. I didn’t notice at first but there was a foul smell around me, spoiling my aromatic cigarette smell.

It smelt like the worst smell I’ve ever smelt before – a mixture of sewage and pewk and shit. Definitely putting a damper on my well-earned break so I moved around a little further in hopes of finding a less-pungent smelling spot.

I stood in front of a car that was parked and enjoyed the fresh breeze of air in my face which pushed away the stench for the most part. I took another breath and happened to look through the windshield in this car.

I noticed someone in the front passenger seat. I quickly moved away as I didn’t want to stand in front of a car with someone in it while I smoked. As I did, I noticed it was someone slumped over the seat.

Blood was apparent on the window, so I went up to the window for a closer look. There was blood on this guy’s face and he didn’t look conscious. It also seemed to be the source of the stench that seemed to drown the entire parking lot.

I raced back to the surgery where I had left my mother, dropping my cigarette in the process. Panicked, I struggled to find the words to explain what had happened to my mother but eventually came out with it.

This also panicked my mother and suddenly the woman I knew who was always protecting me was suddenly just as scared as I was. At that moment, she was just another person.

She alerted the staff about what I had found as I stood beside her. My mother went into her appointment but I could tell she was deeply concerned. I decided to wait by the car until police arrived.

When they did, they asked me some questions then proceeded to investigate the scene. Only moments later, they covered the police car with a blanket. They requested my contact details and asked me to leave the scene, so I obliged and went back into the surgery.

Returning to the surgery with certainty that the man was dead, I was feeling extremely out of place as to what I had witnessed, and I tried to process everything in my head. This must have been obvious to the staff at the surgery because when I walked in, one of the women asked me if everything was okay?

I told her that there was a dead body in a car out there and police just covered the car up with a blanket.

The look of horror overtook her face and she covered her open mouth with her hand. Her colleague looked at her as all this was happening and instantly new something I didn’t know.

The shocked woman who tried to console me told me they noticed a car left out there for a few days as they assumed someone had abandoned it and that the bad smell was coming from the drains.

I’ll never forget that smell nor everything I pictured that day.

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