I Found A Series Of Journals In My Cabin Part 2

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Hey guys, I’m back!

Alright, so it’s been a pretty busy day and I’d like to give you the run down before I hop back into it. The wife and I went back and got all the rest of our belongings. On our way back in, we stopped for quite a cache of supplies. We gathered materials to get a garden going this spring, as well as some food items we normally cook with that either I can’t harvest myself or the hassle of creating the conditions necessary would be too much work for such little reward.

We also gathered some random materials I see fit for home repairs and repairs to anything else we may need, like chainsaw maintenance, working on my truck, etcetera. We get home and I go place some stakes around the plot we intend to use for the garden. This may seem unnecessary at this point in the year, but I have plans for building a few things around the place and it helps me visualize where things are going and why.

After we get everything unpacked, I get some more firewood on the porch so that it’s ready and can stay somewhat dry, we come in and have ourselves some dinner. I cooked off the woodstove, so it was a slow sear on some deer steaks, with homemade mashed potatoes with some minced garlic and chives, heavy on the butter of course… And then lastly, some green beans we had canned last year. Not bad.

All in all, I’m rambling and telling you this because it was.. well, a normal day. I won’t lie, part of me has expected something to happen because of these journals, because of what I’ve read. But, so far, nothing. Anyways, I’ll get back to it, maybe satiate some of you guys’ hunger for more!

Journal Entry 26: 1/05/2016

“Today will not be a good day… I was awoken by a sound… a sound I’ll never forget. Have you ever heard a hyena on a tv show? They make this hideous sound, it’s a mocking type of sound, in my ears. One that as a child I was traumatized by, somehow. Well, imagine a hyena, laughing, except the sound sounds like it’s also gurgling blood. I say blood, because it sounded like it was dying…

Actually, who am I kidding. I can’t say “it” at all, the sound seemed to be coming from inside. It seemed to be outside. It was everywhere in existence, all at once. It was loud enough to be deafening and I could not defeat it. I screamed, I challenged the sound, I tried to block it out but nothing worked… this unbearable sound, as something was maniacal laughing while drowning in its own blood, coming from a thousand sources at once, I couldn’t take it. The sound lasted for 37 minutes. Well… as far as I know. When I awoke to the sound, it was 2:28 in the morning, and when I felt my legs give way and I went down, the last glance I caught at my alarm clock near the window said 3:05 a.m., and then all was black.

I awoke again, at 10:22 a.m., incredibly frightened. Because before I passed out, I noticed a shadow in the window. The outline, of a human, somewhat… it’s proportions were all wrong.. And it appeared to have something attached to its back? I could not tell. But whatever it was, was it causing all that noise? And it was outside my bedroom window, watching over me the whole time… I have to go outside and look for prints, as well as get firewood.. it’s freezing in here…”

at this point in reading I had spoken to my wife, that conversation is as follows

“Holy shit… hey babe, you might wanna come read this…” I lightly mumble to my wife.

“Huh? What is it, why do I need to read it?” She replied, looking rather confused. I simply stare at her in disbelief, and begrudgingly, she gets up and sits beside me at the dinner table.

“This better not be something stupid or gross, just to get me to stop looking at my phone…” she giggles, taking the journal from me. Though she can tell, I’m not exactly joking or thrilled.

She reads the journal entry and as she does, slowly you can watch the color complete drain from her face. She’s not a fan of horror, she’s not a fan of even anything creepy. I hate that I made her do this, but she deserves to know, after all, she’s here as well.

She looks back up at me, her pupils are dilated in utter shock and panic. I could swear at that moment, I felt the temperature suddenly drop, but I know better.

“This better be some sick joke, babe. I’m not playing.” She scowls at me, unaware I would never go to such lengths to prank her.

“Babe, listen, I really did find these journals, okay? You saw me bring the box in here! Look, I vote we research the history of this place a bit, I mean all of it. If everything is too off the top, and something crazy happened, we can leave okay? Just, let me figure this out. Alright?” I replied, doing my best to calm her.

Reluctantly, she agrees.

that ended our conversation for the evening

Journal Entry 27: 1/05/2016

The handwriting on this page is very hastily written, and extremely sloppy, you can tell it was written by someone in a frenzied panic…

“Something has gotten to me! It won’t let me leave and yet it’s toying with me! In one of the last entries you can recall, I had a tree fall across my driveway that was much too big to be pulled out by my truck and now!

NOW!!!! The damn thing has destroyed my hopes of leaving in this truck!!! I removed the tree, finally finished it yesterday, and now I go outside and I find tracks leading from the edge of the woods, to my window, and that’s IT!! IT’S LIKE IT NEVER LEFT. I go outside and see this and it’s panic time! I’m ready to leave and the damn thing destroyed all of my tires and with some inhuman strength or numbers, my back axle has been ripped out from under the truck!

How can I leave?! What should I do?!


Tomorrow morning, I’ll leave on foot at first light! I’m packing my things, and I’ll be gone to town, with whatever it is that I can carry!”

Journal Entry 28: 1/10/2016

“I must be losing my mind… there is but one road here, and that same road leads out… I’ve walked for 4 days now, sometimes running when I would hear something appear to be following me, a sound like laughter in the distance…. And after 8 hours, in a state of pure exhaustion, I would turn around to check my surroundings and see…

at this point there are wet drip marks on the page, and a space between the writing, one can assume he was crying

…I would see the front porch of my cabin… I don’t know what to do, I can never leave, can I..? I’m trapped here, by this.. this THING that I have no clue how it even exists…

For now, I’m back inside. I’ve barricaded the windows as best as I can and the doors. I pray this THING means me no harm. But I’m not sure if I can withstand this, mentally…

Please, I don’t know if there is a God, or which God is real… but have mercy on me, I beg of you… I don’t deserve this…

Wait… I hear a knocking at my front door?…”

Get ready for Part Three…

Story by: ZombiiJediNinja1

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