My creepy encounter with a burglar

If you prefer to listen instead of reading, click here for the video.

On New Years Eve, I was over at my girlfriend’s house to celebrate the new year together. We didn’t live together, but I spent every other evening there. As we watched movies throughout the night , her dog started to bark hysterically and jumped at the back gate, like something was taunting it.

My girlfriend told me this happens at 11:15 every night and she would yell out to the dog to telling him to stop. She never thought anything of it as she thought it might be someone returning home from work because there is a bus stop nearby.

The dog is very observant and reacts to the everything and I mean everything. Normally his barking stops after a minute, so it’s not usually worth us checking. For reference, her house is on a corner block. We were watching a disturbing movie on Netflix that night, and because of the type of movie it was, I was already on edge.

As the barking continued for more than the minute, I went outside to where the dog was barking to check it out. He was clearly agitated and trying to get through the gap at the fence… trying to get to what ever or who ever was on the other side.

There is no footpath nearby, the road is about 7 metres away. The ground is overgrown by 1-2 metre tall weeds so walking through it is difficult. I couldn’t see anything and the dog stopped barking, so I left it and went back inside.

A few days later I was spraying weed killer in the front yard and noticed a flat spot by the tree not far from the back gate with empty food wrappers and alcohol bottles. I told my girlfriend as it looked strange, but didn’t really seem phased by it.

A day or so later, I was over again at guess what? At 11.15pm again, the dog started to bark. This time, I sprung to my feet, opened the back door and turned the light on while my heart was racing in anticipation. I observed for a moment to see the dog was trying to get through the gap again.

To my surprise, I saw a hand through the gate, pulling in and out as if to stir the dog.

I yelled out: “oiii!” very loudly in the off-chance that whoever might be there, knew that I was out there and wanted them to stop. My eyes widened as I stared into the abyss and stood there for what felt like several minutes. Thankfully, I didn’t hear anything else, so I decided to go back inside.

But suddenly, I heard “Hey” directly behind me. The sound of this man’s voice sounded very close, as if it were right behind me. I turned around and saw the man had pulled himself up onto the fence, enough for me to see his face.

I couldn’t believe what I was seeing in front of my very own eyes and my fear suddenly grew. I didn’t know if this man was dangerous and I could only guess what his intentions were as he continued to lift himself over the fence.

The dog came charging at him as he tried to get his leg over the fence to try climb over. At this point, I realised we were in danger, so I went back inside the house, locking the glass sliding door behind me.

I grabbed the largest knife I could see from the kitchen, and told my girlfriend to call the police as the guy was jumping the fence. I went back to the door and noticed that the dog had lost the plot. The man tarted kicking at the dog from where he was on top of the fence and I could hear each kick connect with the dogs body and skull.

I told my girlfriend to look the door behind me because I couldn’t bear any more.

I stepped outside onto the porch, knife in hand. I yelled at him, telling him we’ve called the police and they’re on the way. He was stuck on the fence, still distracted by the dog, but he looked at me and saw that I had a knife in my hand.

This didn’t seem to deter him, so I did what was probably the most stupidest thing I’ve ever in done in my life. I walked up to the man with the knife in hand. Thankfully, the man backed off and I’m pretty sure he fell backwards onto the ground below him as there was a loud thud.

I heard the scramble of weeds followed by footsteps rapid succession, so at that moment, I assumed the man ran off. I walked to the end of the porch to get a better look and saw the man running away down the street.

The police later came but there was no trace of the man, but what they found by the back gate still disturbs us till this day.

The police reported that they found duct tape, rope and a crowbar at the back gate. Who knows what would have happened if we didn’t have our dog there to protect us, or if this man decided to target any of our neighbours.

Four months have passed since this  happened and we have now security cameras and a panic alarm installed should anything happen again.

And it probably goes without saying, that my girlfriend’s dog has been treated like royalty ever since.

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