Just around the corner

My girlfriend and I were so busy, that we barely had time to fix stuff up around the house. One night, we finally had time to do something. So after the kids were put to sleep, we got to working on the fence outside to keep the dog from escaping.

I realised I needed my hammer, so I went through the house, out the front door and to my car. There is a footpath out the front of the house running along side the street, and it wasn’t unusual for people to walk past. The house also had a motion sensor light which was pretty sensitive.

As I exited the house to go to my car which was parked on the driveway, I noticed a figure in the distance, walking, but didn’t take much notice of them. After I opened the trunk door and retrieved my hammer, that same someone was now stationary at the footpath at the end of my driveway.

My heart stopped as this took me complete surprise. I took a deep breath, tried to act brave and resumed by closing my trunk door. I figured that I had a hammer in my hand and if this person was going to try anything, I’ll be able to defend myself. By this point, the motion light had already turned off due to timing out, so I walked towards the light to turn it on again. When I walked to the light, I felt like I was being followed and subconsciously shuddered when I finally got the light to turn back on.

I turned back and the person wasn’t there anymore. My girlfriend came out and asked if everything was ok. She startled me as she I was so focused on looking for this person that I didn’t hear her until she spoke, as I had been out there longer than she was expecting, and she was waiting for me to get this hammer. I grabbed my phone from my pocket, turned on the flashlight and walked around my car, checked around the neighbouring sides and down the street – the person had vanished into thin air, but till this day, I feel like I’m being watched or being followed in the dark.

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