Murder Mystery: Part four

At the time of this story, I was a police officer working for the New South Wales state police in Australia. I was working in the traffic police department, so my job was to patrol the road and make maintain the safety of road users, occasionally pulling them over for breath tests, make sure their cars are registered, things like that. Even though I was a cop and had received the same training as any other police officer, my preference was traffic policing as I liked being on the road.

When I wasn’t working, I loved camping and exploring, and I did this with my family every time we could. The weekend in this story is no exception. I had taken some leave from work to extend the length my of weekend. My family and I camped out at the Belanglo State Forest.

We set up camp in a clearing about 3 kilometers away from the entrance. We could drive our Landcruiser right to the spot due to the relatively flat terrain, so we stored all our food and supplies in the 4wd, but camped in a couple of tents. It was dusk by the time we set up the tents and we went to bed at about 9-10pm that night.

The next morning at about 5am, nature woke me up. The birds chirped and sang, so I got up to do my morning ritual. I walked a little further down the clearing near a tree and peed. While peeing, I looked around, yawning and still waking, blinking eye dirt away. I looked down at where I was peeing to see something white. I squinted and blinked a few times, before using the hand holding my pants down to rub my eyes.

I focused my eyes again and stopped in horror as my heart sank. What I saw still gives me nightmares till this day. I was peeing on a human skull. Around the skull were some clothes. They looked to have been there for some time. I went back to the tent at once and met my wife who had already woken up. After telling her what I had found, I explained that we needed to pack up and contact the force as this was now a crime scene.

I later found out that the skull belonged to a German backpacker who went missing two years ago, in 1991. However, the clothes belonged to Anja and Gabor, two other German tourists who also went missing. I never saw their bodies, but we learned that Anja was decapitated and her head was never found. I received councelling and was cleared for work after a few days. As I said earlier, I had a family and I could only imagine what the parents of these poor souls were feeling knowing that their children were missing and died unsettling deaths.

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