The Rogue Firemen

I am a security guard for a private company. We are in charge of a shared shipping facility which is quite large and has multiple sheds and parking areas. I was working the late shift as I had done for the past 15 years. It was a pretty quiet job, not much happened and I rarely had any encounters needing addressing.

I like my job and do it well but to pass the time, I read a book while listening to the radio. There was a fire nearby that made the news, but it was pretty quickly attended to. It caught my interest as it wasn’t too far away from where I worked and I wondered for a moment if it was arson. It didn’t matter, an update over the radio advised that it was now out.

Digesting my book further and sipping my hot, milky Earl Grey tea, I sipped and glanced over the cameras each time I turned the page. On this occasion when I looked up, I saw a fire truck pull up.

It caught my attention and I watched. I probably needed to find out what’s going on so I kept watching to see if there was a fire or some other emergency I was not yet aware of. I kept a close eye on the monitor of that particular camera, then saw doors open.

A girl came flying out of the truck and onto the ground followed by the rest of the men spilling out of it. There were 6 in total. The girl started running in the opposite direction and two of the men chased after her, then brought her back towards the truck.

I was horrified by what I was seeing. I was the only one on shift and protocol was to report this to police. I felt hopeless because these firemen were clearly rogue and I had no chance in helping her on my own.

I saw a girl, no older than 17 years old being dragged her by hair around on the floor. A group of men were punching and kicking her, taking turns at dragging her around. Everytime she got up, was pushed over and fell back down.

Two men, who I assumed to be firemen based on their uniform pants were holding a girl. She struggled to get out of their grips but repeatedly punched her to keep her still.

I saw them lift her up onto the truck, one holding her back while the other tied her hands together and to the ladder on the back of the truck. Because of where she was, she was barely stood up on the side of the truck due to where her hands were tied, then left her to hang on the back of the truck.

The men all had smiles on their faces and although I couldn’t hear them on the cameras, they were laughing at the girl and at her distressing yells as she begged to be let go and for help.

The men urinated on her, threw things at her and leant forward as if motioning they were yelling at her. One of the other firemen came around to her with the firehose in hand, then sprayed her with water. The woman huddled as she was sprayed, further yelling and catching her breath every time the man shut the hose off. He clearly knew what he was doing and knew exactly how to torture the woman without killing her, but this was sickening to see nonetheless.

The truck started driving away and half the girl’s body onto the ground whilst still barely attached to the truck with rope. She was dragging across the ground as the truck drove off with speed, the remaining men laughing and high-fiving each other.

I called the police immediately and reported it what I witnessed. I then called my boss and explained the whole situation. We had guards in the other part of the lot in other sectors but I wasn’t authorised to radio them without his approval, but my boss coordinated all of us to meet the firemen and eject them from the property.

We met at the muster point and went up to the firemen. We’re all large guys, all over 6′ 2″ and on the bigger size. I guess we appear very intimidating as we have tattoos, big beards and some of us with crew cuts. We ran up to the firemen, interrupting their idea of fun. They looked at us, startled by our mere presence. We were ready for a fight and our goal at this point was to ensure the girl’s safety.

I demanded that they let the girl go. One of the firemen said that they weren’t doing anything and that the girl was threatening them. This was obviously a lie and I told them we’ve got everything on CCTV, furthermore the police are on the way. I repeated myself “let the girl go”. One of the firemen let untied her as she laid on the ground in bad shape. One of my guys ran over to her to check she was okay and another helped them escort her back to our office.

We kept the firemen detained and prevented them from leaving. I could tell that their guilt got the better of most of the men, but they were trespassing and committing a crime so I had very little sympathy for them. The police finally arrived as did my boss and the footage was surrended to the police.

Those firemen were stood down. We’re not sure what happened to the girl but I hope she’s okay.

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