The man in the window

I had fallen onto bad times. My wife and I had split up. Basically, she kicked me out of our own house.

We met at a man who, himself, had fallen onto hard times at a pub one night, and being good Samaritans, we invited him to stay with us until he was back on his feet. To cut a long story short, he worked nights and she worked from home, while I worked during the day.

My wife announced that she wanted a divorce and demanded I leave the house. After fighting for some time, she finally told me that she was dating the man we took in, whose name I refuse to repeat, so I left that house.

I took what I could carry and left the house with nowhere to go. I have no family and no close friends I could stay with at the time. My wife was my only friend. To make a bad situation worse, I was made redundant at my job and had not yet received my payout.

I was forced to live in my car. I found a nice quiet street not far away in an area where new vacant land was being sold. There were new roads and street lights, and there were houses close by making it the best place I could find to sleep overnight.

I did this for about a week, but this night was different.

Noises came from outside my car, so I sat up in the backseat. There was a man pressed against my window. He was pale, dark lips and eyes were distant. My heart stopped. He wasn’t quite looking in, but he grinned knowing that I was there.

I heard my door handle clunk, but because my doors were locked, he couldn’t open it. He stood back and pushed into my window, frustrated that my car was locked.

I slipped into the driver’s seat over the centre console, started the car and drove out of there, watching him shrink in my car’s mirrors as he walked off.

Unfortunately, I couldn’t change my circumstances, but I decided to park my car near a police station.

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