I Found A Series Of Journals In My Cabin

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So, a couple of months ago, I bought a new log cabin in the mountains. It’s a truly serene place, but in the winter time or after any severe rain storm it is only accessible by the best of four-wheel drive vehicles with good off-road tires… good thing that’s all I drive!

The “road” leading to my new home is barely covered in gravel and it runs for 33 miles into the woods on the mountain. Then it branches from a dead-end into a dirt path a mile and a half long, full of potholes all the way but I love it. I wouldn’t have it any other way. The first day my wife headed out, we had no idea our lives would change forever…

We head out there on the first morning to check the place out. We were told we would have a few things to clean up, the realtor didn’t bother to remove some boxes and things in case there was anything we wanted to salvage from the previous owner. So we head out to inspect the place closer than the viewing and look through the boxes. As we head out, I would like to point out, there is nothing more appealing than driving up through the woods into the mountains in the winter. Not to me, at least. The next best thing would be, for me, in fall when all the leaves have changed color.

I lock my Silverado in four low about halfway up, it is starting to get quite bad, and it’s time to go slow and easy. Ice and snow clinging to the trees, it makes everything so quietly beautiful. There is honestly nothing quite like it, and I think you would agree if you could be there. So we start getting closer, it’s around 11 a.m. at this point, and we are stoked to get to the house.

When we finally get there, the first thing I do is fill the wood stove and get it fired up. The place has electric and had electric heat to supplement the stove, but I wanna see first just how well the stove does alone. So we go searching the house.

I get to some boxes full of old notebooks, and this is where the title comes to play. There’s a box, 3 foot square, filled to the brim with notebooks. I thumb through, realizing that they’re journals, dated and in the box, newest on top all the way to the first on the very bottom.

“Well, at least I won’t get too bored at night, may be some interesting reading material here..” I chuckle to myself.

Before I begin looking through them, I walk to the windows in the room and glance outside. Whoever built and owned this cabin, certainly was lucky. No wonder the road and drive was so poorly maintained, however. You see, from the window about 300 yards away, I can see the clear-cut part of the woods where the power lines run for the whole county we live in. So we have our electricity at least. Poor guy probably had to cut his own road and driveway and couldn’t afford to gravel it.

“I’ll have to take care of that at some point, finish what he started…” I think to myself.

At that moment, my wife calls out to me.

“Honey, could you come here a minute?” She says.

She’s back in the front room, our living room, now. She’d been checking the other rooms and found nothing particularly useful or interesting, and she came back and was gonna ask me to help her start unloading the trailer of our essentials and the front door was cracked open.

“Listen babe, I know we have a wood stove now, and we’re in the middle of nowhere, but it is cold outside so make sure you close the door, k? K.” And she playfully punches my shoulder.

“Ummm.. Katie… I closed the door all the way when we came in?”

“Could it have blown open?” She asks, looking concerned.

Not wanting to worry her, I said that it could, and I would check the door frame to make sure it’s properly installed later. After all, I’ve lived with family like this, off the land in the middle of nowhere, before. She had not. I know good and well, a curious bear could have nudged it open, and chalked it up to that, but I didn’t wanna scare her.

After unpacking, we sat down, loaded some more wood in the stove, and that’s when I decided to check the journals out. I’ve been through 19 entries and things are starting to get creepy, so I’ll be posting the creepy ones here, in order, as I find them. So I’ll start with the first one now…

Journal Entry 19: 12/19/2015

“The snow came hard last night… it’s a good thing I have this woodstove because the power went out. I decided to sleep in the living room, near the stove, for the light and for the heat. I truly regret having not planned this place out better. I’m so far from anyone, what if something ever happens to me? I guess that’s the price you pay for wanting to live by your own means, in solitude… the reason I bring this up, is because when I awoke this morning, I noticed something truly terrifying..

There were tracks leading from the window on the side of the house off into the woods. I normally wouldn’t worry too much but listen, I’ve lived with wilderness my whole life and not once have I ever encountered an animal with tracks like these. And the odd thing is that they seemed to be human..? That’s a bold statement considering they don’t resemble a humans foot by any means, let alone I measured the size and they were 6 inches wide by 17 inches long. But not humanoid at all. They were.. not quite like hooves, they had a semblance to claws as well. They’re hard to describe. Anyway, I’ve gotta go bring in some firewood, I just had to write this during breakfast.”

So… I’m a little freaked out but I rambled too much already on this post and I myself have some things to do. We need to head out first thing in the morning, grab the rest of our stuff and some supplies for the cabin. I’ll update again as soon as I’m able to, guys. I’ll see ya soon!

Stay tuned for Part Two…

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