The Missing Girl

I reconnected with a friend from school some years ago. She wasn’t the same outgoing, confident and athletic person that i remembered and used to date. In fact, she was anxious, timid and was on the opposite spectrum of athletic – it worried me as it was certainly unlike her. After reconnecting and getting to know her, I learned that she was living in fear every night.

She was dating a man, let’s call him Arthur, who worked in a supermarket and was a trusted employee after being with the company many years and completing every task.

He was also very well-mannered, a very caring individual, and was quick to help anyone in need. One time, an 8-year-old girl was at the shopping mall with her family. she went to the toilet, and her family waited for her, as they always had done.

Having only waited a few moments, the girl’s family grew concerned, so sent her 14-year-old brother to look for her. He went into the female bathroom but all the cubicles were empty.

He checked the disabled toilet, it was locked… so he knocked. No response. The girl’s brother started walking off. Arthur, who was in the disabled toilet, came out and asked the boy if he was okay. He said that he couldn’t find his sister, so Arthur insisted of helping look for her at once.

The girl’s brother, uncle, older sister, and Arthur began search of the entire mall, but no matter where they looked, they couldn’t find her. Each of the family checked each speciality store while Arthur let centre management know, who made multiple announcements over the PA system. Arthur was so kind and helpful to the family, and even let his manager know within the store of his attempts to try help the family.

The brother went back to the toilets again, checking just in case he missed anything. Nothing. As he was about to talk back, he checked the disabled toilet once again. He entered and turned on the light, and what he saw still haunts this pour soul till today.

The missing girl was lying on the floor… dead.

She had been mutilated, physically deformed. Her arms and legs had been separated from her body, she was swollen and she barely looked recognizable. The boy ran to his family, crying and in hysterics, begging his family to come. His family grew immediately concerned and followed him to find the girl.

Arthur learnt of the shocking discovery and was devastated. He could not believe what he was hearing and was inconsolable.

The police were called, and the shopping mall was shut down and taped off. All workers were sent home.

A went home that night, and his girlfriend, my friend, came over to his place. He told her about the events at the shopping centre that day. He was so upset and was not himself and his biggest concern was that the killer was still out there and he had gotten away with murder.

He told her things like he wished it was him that was dead and not the girl. Eventually, he fell asleep that night and my girlfriend stayed home.

At about 5am the next day, there was a knock at the front door. It was the police. Arthur’s father opened the door and greeted them. My girlfriend remembers the next moments vaguely, but Arthur simply rose to his feet, wearing the clothes he wore the previous evening.

He walked to police and stuck his hands in front of his body, as if he waiting for handcuffs to put on his arms. He didn’t show any emotion. He was cold, numb and his eyes were distant. He was not the same man I knew, he was not my boyfriend. Arthur was arrested for suspicion of wilful murder.

CCTV footage revealed that Arthur grabbed the missing girl into the disabled toilet, then exited after her brother knocked on the door. He was sentenced and jailed for life.

Since that day, my friend now lives back of her parents house, in a room with no windows. She cannot sleep without her bedroom door locked and the lights on because she claims to see the little girl with no eyes, and a grin on her face. She believes that she is being haunted by the girl because she was her killer’s girlfriend.

The autopsy later revealed that her limbs were broken to stop her from running away. Her throat was so severely crushed to stop her from yelling out. She was raped. The direct result of her death was strangulation.

For reference, this is a true story that occurred in Australia in June, 2006.

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