The invisible friend

This happened to me just recently.

I woke up and like every morning before it, I went to check my phone as I took it off charge.

To my surprise, I found over 120 text messages from a friend of mine. He was someone I spoke to on a semi-regular basis and was definitely not normal for him to message me that many times, let alone message me more than once.

I opened up the messages and as phones show the latest first messages fist, what I read was alarming. The last message read “CALL THE POLICE” after the letters t h g i n o t e i d l l i w e h As I read up, them messages was a sentence spelled out one letter per message. I couldn’t read anymore and as it was 8 hours ago, I called the number.

The call went to voicemail, so I left one asking if he was okay. Then I replied to his text asking if everything was okay. I didn’t want to leave it as I was extremely nervous for the well-being of my friend, so I phoned the police.

I told them everything I got such as summary of messages and the times they started and finished. They didn’t seem concerned and I was worried that someone had reached out to me and it would be my fault if something had happened to them.

It was then I realised what the letters spelt…. HE WILL DIE TONIGHT

I didn’t know where my friend lived but I knew where he worked as it was on his Facebook. I told the police everything I knew and decided to let them handle this but asked if they could call me if they knew anything.

Days passed and I didn’t hear anything so I called the police. The operator told me that they had nothing on the system with my details or my friends. There was no record of me calling the any police station.

Confused, I gave the operator every detail related to the case.

I had to give them all the details of this situation again and said they would send police officers to my house to interview me.

After what felt like being held prisoner in my own house for 3 long hours, police finally arrived.

I showed them the messages on my phone and tried calling my friend in front of them. They took down every detail and this time, gave me a reference number. I again asked them to let me know any progress they had.

I started to feel like the previous operator didn’t take me seriously when I first called them, so never logged it in the system.

In the leading days, I tried messaging my friend but I didn’t trust it went through so I called the number. It was disconnected.

I checked Facebook but his profile was gone. I checked YouTube and Gmail. E-mails bounced back and his YouTube profile didn’t exist. We didn’t have any mutual friends that I could remember so it felt like all leads went cold.

Then I remembered my friend’s workplace. In the off-chance they would know more, I called them.

It was a big-ish company so I had to speak to a few people before eventually reaching his manager. They told me that he had resigned a few days ago and they had no real reason to reach him or contact him.

I explained to the manager that my friend was missing and the manager was shocked, as he told me that it was completely out of character for him.

He leveled with me and told me that it came as a surprise to him that my friend quit. He was a hard-working, dedicated family man who would go above and beyond and was overall a very nice guy.

The police told me that they weren’t able to locate anyone by that name. All leads have gone cold.

I hope my friend is alive and well. I hope nothing bad has happened to him. I hope that message was a hoax, but I don’t know what to do.


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