I think someone is trying to kidnap me

This happened to my brother when he was younger but I was just as much involved in the horror that unfolded in this story.

One morning I received a call from my brother. Panicked, he eventually managed to find the words to tell me that someone was at the house and he was very scared. My heart immediately sank.

For reference, my brother was 7 years old at the time and was home sick that day. He was alone with our small dog. We lived with our mother. My mother had taken the day off to look after him but had gone to the shop to buy him some medicine as he was took sick to leave home. I worked full-time so I was at work.

My brother couldn’t reach my mum and neither could I so I asked him to explain exactly what was going on. He told me that he heard a man talking at the front door. He didn’t knock but he was definitely there. He was too panicked to listen to the what the man was actually saying but fearing for his life, he hid in my bedroom while this was going on and was too far away to hear exact words. From my bedroom, you can see out at the front door.

All he saw was a white van out the front of the house and a man wearing clothes as if he worked in a factory but no logos were on these clothes. The man’s talking continued.

I called the police emergency line and told them everything my brother had told me. They told me they’d be at my house in 15 minutes. I called my brother back to make sure he was alright while trying to get hold of my mother. I assured him he’ll be okay and to hide in the backyard, that way if they broke in they wouldn’t find him. So he did.

Fast forward to when the police arrived. There was a knock at the door. A loud announcement was made: This is the police, open up. It was so loud, I could hear it from my side of the phone call. I didn’t know for certain if it was real or not so I requested my brother look through the window to see who was here.

It was two uniformed police officers. Relieved, my brother went to the door and greeted them. The police checked if he was okay then spoke to me on the phone. They advised me that the man was an electrical contractor for Thiess, a well-known company that performs work for the state-owned energy company. I asked the police if it was true that their work van was unmarked and the man’s uniform was unmarked as well. He said yes.

I became concerned and wanted confirmation if this man is who he said he was. The police officer obliged and sent me an MMS of the contractor’s ID card from Thiess. I was instantly relived and spoke to my brother to let him know he was okay.

My mother returned to a house with police at the front of it after leaving her 7-year-old boy alone for 40 minutes. Till this day she tells us it was one of the most horrifying moments in her life and has never left him alone again.

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