Headlights: Part Two

I was driving home on a highway at night. It was pitch black and only illuminated by my car’s headlights. The speed limit is 110km/h (70 miles/hour) and I was doing a bit over.

Suddenly, I was flashed by police behind me, so I pulled over. The police stopped behind me and muted their siren, lights still flashing. Both police came out of their car and approached my car. One came to my window, so I wound my window down to take my punishment. The other started taking photos of my car with his cell phone.

I was alone. I realised I had done wrong by going over the speed limit. The police officer at my window asked me to take my seat belt off and step outside the car. Confused, I got out of the car and closed my door behind me.

The officer asked: Do you know why I pulled you over? I replied: Because I was over the speed limit. He replied: Nah, just wanted to bash someone. The officer struck me in the head with a baton and I fell to the ground. The other officer came over and started kicking me. Both men started kicking me, and striking me with a baton. Repeatedly. I tried getting up, but I kept getting knocked back to the road.

There were no other cars, no other cars drove past and these men kept attacking me. Suddenly, a car’s headlights was visible in the distance and spooked the men back into the car. They started their car, turned off the flashing lights and drove off forward.

I got a look at their car and remember it being a light silver or gold Ford sedan with no police stickers or signage on the car.

I pulled myself to my feet and made my way back into the car. Overcoming the beating I had just suffered, I managed to make it home and report it police.

To this day, the men have not been caught.

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