Real photos with creepy back stories

Below are some images that’ll give you goosebumps.

Some of these images were seconds before death and others made the news headlines.

Check out these images with creepy backstories:


jonestown mass suicide

Mass Suicide in Jonestown

Peoples Temple was a religious cult started by Jim Jones in the 1950s, preaching against racism. This attracted many African-Americans, as well as other minorities. Peoples Temple later became registered as a church.

In the 1970s, the cult was accused by the media of financial fraud, physical abuse of its members and mistreatment of children, as former members had come forward and exposed the charismatic, fast growing church. In response to the mounting criticism, the increasingly paranoid Jones invited his congregation to move with him to Guyana, where he promised they would build a socialist utopia: Jonestown.

Sadly, everyone who came to Jonestown were met with harsh conditions, required to work long days to work the land, grow crops and build. Declining mental health and continued drug abuse made Jones paranoid and due to this paranoia, he urged his congregation to commit a revolutionary suicide in support of socialism.

On November 18, 1978, 909 lives were lost. Many of the followers drank a posion-laced punch, starting with children and ending with the elderly. Others were forced at gunpoint, or shot dead.

This marked the end of the Peoples Temple cult as well as Jamestown, however more recently, there have been few attempts at reviving the mind-control tactics used to recruit new followers under other guises for other religions.


dead woman in photo.jpg

Post-Mortem Photos

Dating back to the 19th century, one of the most unsettling traditions was the practice of post-mortem photography.

The recently deceased were made to look alive and in a manner of which they may have been photographed as if they were living. The reason for these photographs was so they could serve as keepsakes for their surviving families and loved-ones to remember their dearly departed.

Only a small amount of post-mortem photos can be traced back to this day, allegedly considered traditional for Nordic countries until about the 1940s.

Taboo or not, post-mortem photography is still practiced today and has since evolved to post-mortem funerals. Some modern examples including Angel Pantoja Medina, Ann Kamsuk, David Morales Colon and Bill Standley.


evelyn mchale.jpg

Evelyn McHale

This image depicts the shocking aftermath of Evelyn McHale’s death after jumping to her death from the Empire State Building in New York City.

Landing on a car, she died on impact despite the efforts of emergency services.

This photograph was taken by a journalist moments after she met her fate, dubbting the photograph “The Most Beautiful Suicide” due to her elegant and gentle position assumed after falling to her death.

Detective Frank Murray found her suicide note in a black pocketbook next to her neatly folded cloth coat over the observation deck wall which read:

“I don’t want anyone in or out of my family to see any part of me. Could you destroy my body by cremation? I beg of you and my family – don’t have any service for me or remembrance for me. My fiance asked me to marry him in June. I don’t think I would make a good wife for anybody. He is much better off without me. Tell my father, I have too many of my mother’s tendencies.”

Her body was identified by her sister, Helen Brenner.

In accordance with her wishes, she was cremated with no memorial, service or grave.



Omayra Sánchez Garzón

The victim in this image is of 13 year old Columbian, Omayra Sánchez Garzón.

Volcanological induced mudslides, landslides and debris rushed into the river valleys of Armero on November 13, 1985, killing over 23,000 people. One girl in particular remained trapped, staying a float by a branch.

This photo was taken by journalist and volunteer, Frank Fournier.

Despite her predicament, Omayra remained the positive girl she always was while trapped for three days.

She would sing, pray and crave sweet food and soda, all of which rescue volunteers gave her to keep her spirits up. She also spoke about how she was worried about missing her exams at school.

Her legs qwew anchored under fallen concrete and could not be freed without her legs being severed.

Sadly, she started to hallucinate, her eyes changed color, her face became swollen and her hands whitened. Rescuers could not free her in time and she passed away on November 16.

Omayra’s iconic photo can be still seen to this day on the internet.


tina watson.jpg

Tina Watson

Tina Watson was a German-born, American national and newlywed. In October 2003, she married her husband, Gabe Watson and the couple visited Queensland, Australia for their honeymoon.

The couple participated in many activities while in Queensland. most notably scuba diving at the site of the SS Yongola, a shipwreck in the Great Barrier Reef.

While scuba diving, Tina lost consciousness and did not return to the boat with her husband.

When asked, Gabe claimed that the currents were stronger than expected and that Tina lost consciousness, sinking to the ground too fast.

He also decided not to rescue her because he claimed that he had not received training to bring someone back to the surface, so instead resurfaced to ask for help.

In the image depicted, fellow scuba divers took photos moments after the sinister incident took place. They were not aware that this was a man had killed his wife and left her at the bottom of the ocean.

Gabe Watson was charged with manslaughter by the Queensland Government.

It was rumored that Gabe Watson had increased the life insurance on his wife before their trip and labelled himself as the sole beneficiary, however, due to a lack of evidence this was thrown out in court.

Whatever the case, his wife’s final moments were caught on photo for the world to see.


A gunman identified as Michael Gonzales aims his pistol at local village politician Reynaldo Dagsa shortly before Dagsa was assassinated

Reynaldo Dagsa

Reynaldo Dagsa was a Filipino politician and member of the Barangay Peacekeeping Action Team,while also serving as the councilman for Caloocan until his assassination on January 1, 2011.

He was active in peacekeeping efforts in Caloocan due to high level of crime in the city.

Mr. Dagsa was out with his family that fateful night while taking a photo. Moments before being shot in the head and bleeding to death, he captured his killer with a .45 Calibre aimed directly at him.

This was the very last moment that he saw his family alive. The killer was identified as Arnel Buenaflor who shot Dagsa in retaliation as Dagsa’s men had previously shot Buenaflor in the head months earlier.

Mr. Dagsa saw his own death as it unfolded.


Tara Calico

Tara Calico disappeared near her home in Belen, New Mexico on September 20, 1988. It is widely believed that she was kidnapped.

In July 1989, a Polaroid photo of an unidentified young woman bound and gagged with an unknown boy, also bound and gagged, was found in a parking lot outside a convenience store.

Her family found the photo on national television and identified the unknown teenager in the photo as their missing daughter, however verification from experts remain divided on this conclusion.

Tara remains missing today and the case remains open.



The Murder of Blake and Mary-Jo Hadley

Mary-Jo and Blake Hadley were happily married and lived with their only child and son, Tyler in Port. St Lucie, Florida. Blake Hadley worked at the St. Lucie Nuclear Plant for over 30 years and Mary-Jo was a beloved elementary school teacher.

On July 16, 2011 at about 5:00pm, Mary-Jo was beaten to death with a hammer while she was completing some work on the computer. Hearing her screams, her husband raced downstairs to find their son, Tyler, standing over his mother and covered in blood.

Blake was met with the same fate at the hands of Tyler. Prior to the attacks, Tyler had taken 3 ecstasy pills and hidden his parents’ cell phones.

He then moved his parents’ dead bodies to their bedroom and cleaned the blood from the house before throwing a house party which had been organized days earlier on FaceBook. Tyler had bragged to some of his guests of how he murdered his parents earlier that night. His friends didn’t take him seriously. As proof, he showed his closest friend the bodies in the master bedroom.

Word spread at the party and the next morning, police arrested Tyler Hadley.

The image depicts Tyler Hadley at the party later that fatal night.


columbine class photo.jpg


The Columbine High School massacre is regarded as the deadliest high school shooting in US history and sends chills down the spines of so many people when talking about the events that occurred on this fatal day.

On April 20, 1999, Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold murdered 12 students and 1 teacher by gunshot. More than 21 additional people were caught in the crossfire or were injured by a number of poorly executed bombs from propane tanks and cars, as well as 99 other explosive devices throughout the school.

Harris and Klebold had planned the complex attack for many weeks including building custom maps of the school in the video game Doom to simulate their attacks.

On the day of the shooting, Harris and Klebold committed suicide by gunshot.

The pair had separately written journal entries and recorded videos of being bullied at the homes of both Harris and Klebold which revealed the intent behind the events.

Further investigation revealed that both Harris and Klebold had fallen victim to rampant bullying. Teachers, parents and students alike reported that the two were constantly picked on, called profanities such as faggots, beaten up, ganged up on and covered with ketchup, and even one student recalls a cup of fecal matter being thrown at them.

In the image depicts the pair in a school photo, weeks before the event while pretending to hold shotguns. Fellow classmates are unaware of the fateful message behind Harris and Klebold’s seemingly harmless actions.

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