Murder Mystery: Part 2

The following story is true and happened to my father some years ago.

My dad was an avid explorer and frequently hiked in various remote forests. I still don’t understand what motivated him to walk through such remote areas, especially in a time where cell phones weren’t around, but he was extremey passionate about hiking.

One day, my dad was hiking in the Belanglo State Forest in Australia. He had been hiking for several hours and got pretty deep into the forest. The ground was covered in a long, grassy weed and every step involved lifting each foot step higher to progress further.

As my dad landed this one foot down, he made contact with something, and lost his footing, falling to his knee as he twisted his ankle. He rolled onto his butt and checked his ankle, rubbing it to ease the pain.

He grabbed whatever tripped him. He looked at it. It was a long, thick bone. It didn’t quite sink in yet but after my dad got up and looked down, he saw a HUMAN skull! My dad dropped the bone and ran the hell out of there, busted ankle and all.

It took him an hour or so to run back to the car. He didn’t stop once to catch his breath, he just kept running till eventually he reached his car. He chucked his backpack into the tray of the ute, then started the car and drove home.

I remember my dad coming home that night. He was as white as a ghost. I remember him speaking to my mother in the other room behind closed doors. Later that night, I remember being woken by a knock at the front door. I got out of bed, and saw my mum and dad answered it together.

I got out of bed, walked down the hall and hid behind the wall as I looked out. It was the police. After a few minute of speaking, my dad left with the police. My mum closed the door behind them and I ran back into my bed, making sure she didn’t catch me. I thought to myself… maybe my dad had done something bad, and was going to jail, that’s why he was not himself that night.

To cut a long story short, my dad returned home the next day. My dad told us that he had helped police find a skeleton that he came across in the forest.

When I was older, I found out that the police had found the remains of two tourists who were reported missing earlier that year. Police didn’t find any further evidence, and it appeared that there was a killer out there.

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