Failed Kidnapping

I was 17 years old at the time, and lived with my mother and younger brother. She worked nights, so I was often left alone with my brother at nights, so usually came home about 12am.

It was a Saturday night. Our neighbours were having a party next door and they tended to be loud, involving lots of drinking and the shenanigans that followed. But we were ok with this as we felt safer that people were nearby.

We lived next to a forest, so it is a pretty quiet and secluded area otherwise.

That night, I was on my computer chatting on MSN and listening to music, occasionally checking on my brother to make sure he was okay.

I went into the kitchen at some point of the night to get a drink. I turned on the light and entered the kitchen. Our kitchen has windows all around and we them uncovered as we are surrounded by trees, preventing anyone from seeing in. I remember what happened next as if it were yesterday.

I opened the fridge, took the bottle of juice, twisted the cap open and took my first mouthful straight from the bottle. As I stepped out from behind the fridge door, I looked at my reflection in the window facing over the back yard as I did so.

As I took my third or fourth mouthful, I realised that I wasn’t just looking at my reflection in the window, I was looking at somebody staring at me through my window. He stood there, eyes wide open and staring at me. I felt dizzy and nauseous, knowing his presence was wrong.

I swallowed back vomit. I took my eyes off him for a moment to put the juice back in the fridge, then closed the fridge door. I looked back at the window and the man was gone. What I did next still sends shivers down my spine till this day.

I walkrd up to the back door beside the window and I opened it. My heart beat heavily that I could feel all my veins pulsing. I stepped back to switch on the outdoor lights, then walked out. The man was gone. I heard footsteps a few metres in the bush ahead of me, fading away. Although I couldn’t see anything, the man had run off into the distance.

I went back inside the house and locked the back door. I double-checked all my doors were locked, but didn’t bother to check the windows as we had security screens on them, so entering the house through a window wasn’t possible.

I stayed up the whole night until my mother returned home. After explaining to her what I had seen, she was horrified, so she called police. At about 2am, the police arrived at out front door. This woke my brother up. One officer spoke to us at the door, asking what had happened. The other was searching our property, shining his torch around.

Both officers walked around our office to the backyard. We could see them shining torches around through the window in my brother’s bedroom, as we retreated to his room to assure him everything was okay. We heard a knock at the back door, so my mum went to answer it. I saw my mother with the police by my brother’s bedroom. Because the house is higher than the ground, I could only just see the tops of their heads. I started to become very concerned.

Moments later, my mother and the police came back inside the house. The police exited through the front door, my mother closing and locking it behind them. I came out of my brother’s room. My mother told me that there was cigarette buds at my brother’s bedroom, somebody was watching him sleep. The back door also had some damage between the door and fame as if someone had tried to force it open.

The police went to speak to neighbours next door. Unfortunately, no one saw anything suspicious and after a search of the trees behind our houses, some rubbish was found behind our house as if someone had been camping out there and watching our house. It was the most horrifying news that my mother and I have ever received in our lives.

We no longer live in that house.

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