Murder Mystery: Part 1

One morning in 1992, my husband and I were running through the Belanglo State Forest in Australia. We were training for an event held by the Orienteering Club, a sport where you navigate yourself out of unknown area to a finish point using just a map and compass before other competitors do, so we drove out to the Forest each morning to new parts, to train for the upcoming event.

Our method was to park our car West, walk deep into the forest diagonally so that we lost all orientation, and navigate our way out by the afternoon. It was some hours later and we were navigating our way out back to our car. Something didn’t feel right about where we were and an eerie feeling came across me. I looked at my husband, but he didn’t have any concerning look on his face. The ground looked disturbed and there were broken branches. I told my husband and he simply passed it off as a strong wind or wild animal, like a fox, could have disturbed the area.

We continued on for a few more minutes before I saw something on the ground in front of us. My husband saw it too. It looked like clothes. Bloody clothes. We walked upto this thing and it looked like… a dead body. The body was face down, so we turned it over, carefully, trying not to cause the head to snap off it’s neck. As we turned the body over, we saw the rotting corpse of a woman. Her face was decayed, her nose was gone. Her skin had turned blue and her eyes were completely white. Her expression on this body’s face was that of torture and her mouth was open like she died screaming. Her chest was full of stab wounds.

My husband told me that we needed to get out of there and call police.

Police went out there the same day. Although the police never told us what had happened, we watched on the news the next day to find out that police discovered a second body 30 metres away from the body we found, but couldn’t identify the gender. They were suspected of being two British tourists who were reported missing earlier that year, but due to the condition of their bodies and being difficult to identify, they were also believed to be the bodies of two German tourists who were reported missing in 1991, and a young local couple who went missing in 1989.

Whoever they were, the body we found had been stabbed 4 times in the chest, once in the neck, and 9 times in the back. The other body that we didn’t find, had been shot 10 times in the head. The police believe she had been used as target practice.

After a search of the area, no further evidence was found.

There was a serial killer on the loose.

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