The Homeless Woman

A woman knocked on my mother’s door, asking if she could cook her pasta on her stove, as she was homeless. She was dirty, with decayed teeth, jaundice eyes and smelt of everything awful you could imagine at the same time. She carried a beige bag on wheels.

My mother is in her 90s and is from a generation that was very trusting of their neighbours and community. She is also very generous and kindhearted. She let in the homeless woman.

The woman thanked her and my mother got out a pot, filled it with water and placed it on the stove, then turned on the heat.

The homeless woman took out a bag of pasta from bag and used her teeth to open the packet before putting in the pasta. She then asked my mother if she could have a drink of water. My mother obliged and filled her a glass of water, then gave it to the woman.

The woman grinned as she took the water, then proceeded to ask her questions, such as if she lived alone and if she was expecting any visitors. My mother replied: No. The woman then asked if she could use the bathroom, again, my mother obliged.

At that point, my mother called me, asking me to come over right now – it’s an emergency.

I told my husband and asked him to watch the kids as I have to go see my mother. She lives just a few streets away, so I got in my car and got over there. When I went up to the front door to my key in, the door was unlatched and I pushed the door forward. I walked in, and my mother was in the kitchen, standing there while the woman was standing by the stove top.

The look of horror appeared on her face. I asked my mother: Is everything okay? The homeless woman ran out of the kitchen, out the front door and into the distance. I locked the front door after she left and checked out her bag. As I looked in, I saw a large knife, a roll of duct tape, rope and some sort of cloudy liquid inside a coca-cola plastic bottle.

I immediately called police after seeing this and posted my story on FaceBook. I have also retold the story for readers.


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