Headlights: Part One

This happened to me one night after driving to her place from a Mexican restaurant with my girlfriend.

It was about 10.30 or 11pm at night and we weren’t too far from her place. It was a rainy and foggy night, and there were very few, if any cars, on the road.

About 10 minutes away from her place, I noticed a car start to follow behind closely. The car would speed up inches away from the back of me, then fall back and repeat. This made me extremely nervous as I was worried for our safety, that something bad was going to happen, like the car may try to overtake us, barricade us and try rob us, or ram into the back of us.

My girlfriend wasn’t quite aware of what this car was doing as she couldn’t see anything in the mirrors, but she noticed I was distracted. Once I got to a straight part of a road, I got up to about 80 km/h (50 miles/h) as to get away from this creep.

As I turned the next right, flashing lights were behind me. You see, it turned out that car was a cop car, but due to the weather, I could only make out the headlights and how close the car got to me each time it sped up to me.

We pulled over and the cop came to my window. He was a young, well-groomed constable with a smirk on his face. He asked for my license and if I lived near-by. I answered “yes” and handed him my license after taking it out of my wallet.

He walked back to his car and after about 2 minutes, returned back. I was given a breath test. I don’t drink when I know I have to, or plan to drive. The test was a pass and simply handed my license back and said “enjoy your night” with a dickhead grin on his face.

Suddenly, the back window smashed into pieces. My girlfriend and I both cocked our heads backwards to the direction of the noise. With in moments, both cops approach either side of my car. I quickly lock the doors and planted my foot on drive. I spun the wheels due to the amount of acceleration on the wet road and the car slipped but it took off and we got out of there.

I kept staring in my rear-view mirror and my girlfriend had her whole body turned around looking behind us. I prayed to god to deliver us home safely in my head. Thankfully we made it home and they didn’t follow us but I called the police when we got home.

They weren’t aware of my car being pulled over or my license being checked that night, but they sent two officers to our place to examine the damage to my car and take statements.

Unfortunately, this wasn’t the last time this happened…

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