Be careful what you wish for

This happened to my mother when she was in her teens. Growing up in Australia in the 70s, she, and a few of her friends/classmates were walking to school one morning on a Monday. Australia is a large country and in the 1970s, was only home to about 10 million people, and being on the west coast, there were many undeveloped areas that were covered in bush. Because everything was so far apart, they regularly cut through bushes, as every Australian person did.

Although Australia was so far away, American TV shows are the most watched in the country. The boys in the group regularly joked about how they were surprised there weren’t dead bodies in this bushland, or any other bushland. One boy in particular, raved on about how cool it would be to find a dead body.

Unfortunately this morning was the last time they ever took this way again. As they walked that morning talking among themselves and joking about the teachers, one of the girls tripped over. After being helped up off the ground and dusting herself off, she looked to see a brown arm poking out from the bush.

The teens looked into the bush, moving some of the branches aside and what they saw still sends chills down their spines till this day. The group had discovered a dead Aboriginal person on the ground. There were no obvious signs of blood, wounds or foul play. They reported it to the police but never found out why, or how that person died. Needless to say, the body who thought it would be cool to find a dead boy was never seen again after that day.

Be careful what you wish for.

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