6 Scary Places You Need To Know


Waverly Hills Sanitorium

Jefferson Country, Kentucky, was severely struck with an outbreak of tuberculosis in the early 1900s, so two wooden open air pavilions were built, each housing 20 patients . This became known as the Waverly Hills Sanitorium.

Some 10 years later, due to the growing outbreak, the hospital sanitorium built a larger hospital to better care and treat TB. However, as tuberculosis was a violent bacteria virus which affected people in the warm-wet climate of Kentucky, the healthy children of affected people were also kept in the sanitorium.

Many of the treatments were as bad as the disease themselves and included electroshock therapy, UV light which was used to try to stop bacteria from spreading and surgically implanting balloons into their lungs and filled them with air, compensating for the lungs not breathing for themselves.

All patients received treatment and all died. Bodies were transported via a chute underneath the hospital using a motorised rail and cart system, dumping the bodies to a nearby waiting train to be disposed of.



Ed Gein’s Home

Ed Gein was a serial killer in the Wisconsin area. He was known as the Butcher of Plainfield and was responsible for tens of dozens of deaths. Gein was also the inspiration behind Leatherface from the Texas Chainsaw Massacre movies, Silence of the Lambs and Pyscho. Sadly, these movies do little to dramatise their versions of Ed Gein.

Gein suffered from chronic schizophrenia, but doesn’t excuse his senseless killing and his mutilation of those who fell victim to him. He started exhuming corpses, but later moved on to kidnapping and killing innocent women and men.

Gein made several things from his victims, most commonly, was the use of his victim’s skins to fabricate things such as masks, belts, lamp shades, chairs and gloves. He also made a belt from female nipples, a vest from a woman’s torso and window shades from lips.

Gein was caught and sentenced to a mental institution until his death.



The Amityville House

The house with eyes in Amityville, Long Island, New York is the most iconic house in the paranormal world and still remains one of the biggest mysteries today.

On November 13, 1974 at age 23, Ronald DeFeo Jr shot and killed six members of his family. He claims he acted in self-defence as overheard them plotting against him for some time.

George Lutz and his family purchased the home after sitting vacant for 13 months after the DeFeo murders. In this time there he stated that he would hear voices, his daughter would speak to a demonic pig called Jodie and slime would appear on walls. They fled the house after just 28 days.

To this day researchers and enthusiasts believe that an evil presence is responsible for the voices Ronald heard and the demonic pig called Jodie, which was able to shift into different shapes and cause chaos. The address has been changed of this house to keep it on the down low but horror fans and enthusiasts have relocated this house.



Murder Castle

The World’s Fair Hotel was a hotel that existed in 1893 and built by H.H. Holmes. Holmes moved to Chicago some years prior and worked at a pharmacy. Clever and careful swindling allowed Holmes to fulfil his dream of building a hotel and becoming the centre of the World Fair in Chicago. As the event would attract millions of tourists, Holmes took advantage of the event to repay the money to his unknowing debtors and pocketing the rest.

The construction of the hotel took 6 years to complete and opened for the 1893 World Fair. However after the hotel went into business, female staff started going missing and were never heard from again. Each staff was required to take up life insurance before commencing employment and were to name Holmes as the beneficiary. He would simply hire new staff as they went missing. Due to arson at the hotel, Holmes was sued by several of his insurers. He fled Chicago, reappearing in Forth Worth with intentions of build a replica hotel.

However he was unsuccessful and incarcerated for selling mortgaged goods, killing his trusted friend for insurance money by way of death pact and admitting to murdering two women while away from Chicago. After Holmes was sentenced to killing his friend and his friend’s children, the caretaker of the World Fair Hotel discovered the bodies of the missing victims after uncovering secret tunnels, rooms and sections of the hotel which were not in the blueprints. He also found torture equipment and objects used to murder the victims.



Suicide Forest

Aokigahara is a forest in the northern grounds of Mt. Fuji in Japan. In Japanese mythology the forest is known as home to the yurei – ghosts of the dead.

In more recent times it has also been dubbed “the suicide forest”, sadly due to the hundreds of suicides that have taken place in the forest every year. The usual method of suicide is by hanging. On average, about 100 bodies a year are found although the Japanese government has stopped publicizing the death toll to try to prevent further suicides.

There are suicide warning and health messages around entry points into the forest to offer a help to visitors with intention to commit suicide and annual sweeps through the forest by the state forest patrol since the 1970s to search for any new bodies.



Capuchin Catacombs

The Capuchin Catacombs in Palermo, Italy, is a truly eerie place. The catacombs were created as the Capuchin monastery outgrew its cemetery.

Instead of being buried bodies were hung up, dehydrated and sometimes washed with vinegar. Once prepared the body was then dressed with their robe according to their role in the monastery then shelved inside the catacombs for display.

This later expanded to the public and it became a status symbol instead of being buried in a cemetery like “normal folk”. These bodies were dressed in their sunday best and depending on how much you were willing to spend, could be sealed within a glass box to further preserve you.

The Catacombs are a tourist attraction in Sicily and you can visit this place today. It is surreal to fill the eerie silence, the cold air and see the mummified bodies covering the walls from top to bottom… staring at you.

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