The Storm Drain

When I was about 8 or 9, a few friends and I would frequently play in the park behind our houses. The only way to the park was at the street around the corner.

There was an open storm drain which lead to a large, underground drain between the back of our yards and the park, but only accessibly by the park and there was kind of a fence made out of a thin mesh as an attempt to keep people out. It didn’t keep us out, and we frequently played around it, stepping on the rocks around the water. We also caught yabbies, a type of wild shrimp in Australia.

We always wanted to walk in the underground part of the drain and see how far it would take us. The idea of going on an adventure in a closed environment seemed safe. But we never mustered up the strength to get further past the first bend due to it being pitch black, and we didn’t have a torch on us because at 9 years old, we’d have to borrow our household one and probably have to answer 20 questions to take it with us. I guess, knew they would disapprove of what we had planned if we asked to borrow a torch or anything else for it.

A few days later, the news broadcasted that they found a dead body in a storm drain nearby.. It turned out a burglar was hiding from the police and got stuck in the drain and died after starving to death, or drowning, or both.

I’m glad we never went into those drains, as that could have happened to us.

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