Man in parking lot

Not buy and sell (Facebook), but just a warning for others.

I was at at the shops today and came out from entry 3 to put some stuff in my car before I went back into Coles. There was a man at my car, leaning on the car next to me and he was trying to open my car door on the side where my son’s car seat was. When I asked what he was doing he said my door was open a bit, which it wasn’t as it was locked with central locking and won’t lock if a door is ajar or open. He was trying to call someone and then walked off towards my friends car ( I called her at the time ) he walked over to the other side of entry 3 and my friend saw him looking and watching another lady get in her car too.

Then when he saw her he walked off and not sure where he went. But also a few months ago I had another issue when I went back to my car and my car wouldn’t start and when my father in law came to fix my car the terminals had been pulled out my car ( my father in law said I would not have made it to the shops like that so would have happened there) this same guy came and asked me if I needed help and when my friend came around car after. p getting her little one in the car he took off and said oh you are with someone. In both incidents the man was wearing a good works shirt.

Just wanted to make others aware especially ladies and mums on there own. I have reported this to shop security and the local police station so if you have any issues please let the police station know as they will send some patrols out.

Stay safe people.

Kate G – Facebook

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